Monday, November 01, 2004

Chapter 10: "He"

I'd been tricked? Was he saying that Moby and Telly were in fact Antagonists?
"Hold on there a minute, Mister. Why should I believe you?"
"Heh," he sneered. "You've got some nerve, kid. Listen here; when this universe was made by Him, I was the first being to be created. I've seen all the wonders He's done, from the creation of Climax City to the formation of the Antagonists."
My ears perked up. "You mean someone made these Antagonists? What are they here for?"
"Bah, you'd never understand. Every place, every setting, needs a contrast. Contrast is what makes us see who we really are. Only when people know what they actually believe and disbelieve in can there be a masterplan."
"And so this person created Antagonists for his great masterplan?"
"Well, not quite. There never has been doubt He had us all and this place figured out. I'd say Antagonists further made His wildest dreams come true."
"And that would be?"
"A story." The old man's eyes turned to slits. "We all love a good story."
I stood there, dumbstruck. "W...who is this 'He' anyway?"
"Why, He is the one who created you, of course."
"Shut up! Enough of this! I was brought into this sick place without a clue, and I demand to know how I can get out!"
"You can't," he grinned as though this was all unbearably amusing. "You might have been in control of your destinations back in your world, but over here He takes you wherever He wants."

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