Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Chapter 11: "Uncertainty"

This Archiver was starting to get nasty. I didn't relish the thought of being a puppet at the end of some mastermind's string.
"He put in charge of enlightening all those who're new. Now that you know the basic works of our world, I've completed my task for today."
"No, wait!" I grabbed hold of his sleeve. "There's a lot more I need to know!"
"Let go of me," he wrested his arm away from my grip. "I shall return to you when the time is right.
"Ponder upon what I told you." And with those words, I was left with nothing more than emptiness before me.
"Ponder upon what I told you." What did he tell me? The Antagonists...this mysterious 'He'...that was mostly what I remembered.
"Found anything?" came a pair of voices from the entrance of the hut.
Moby and Telly! Didn't Archiver tell me I'd been tricked by them? But wait...he had seemed to be supportive of the Antagonists himself. Could he actually be hoping I'd have followed them as well?
"Moby? Telly?" I popped up my head meeky. "If you don't mind me asking...what happened to Toby and Melly?"
"We don't know. They can't be far off though, since they need to prevent us from escaping, remember?"
"If that is the case, shouldn't we be trying to get rid of them first?"
Melly laughed. "You can't eliminate an Antagonist, my dear. We need them to survive just as much as they need us to survive."
"WHAT?" Surely that meant our escapade was going nowhere then! "But if we can't get rid of them, and they won't let us leave, how-"
"It's all right," Moby cut me off. "We'll find a way."
I caught him throwing Telly nervous glances.

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