Monday, November 08, 2004

Writer's Block

Whew...haven't had one of these in a long while, huh? Something big's going on in my life now, and I apologise for not updating as faithfully as I'd got you accustomed to. Said the delusional writer to legions of applauding fans.
Enough about me, let's talk about...i said STOP CLAPPING. Let's talk about the story.
Finally got to that fight scene I was so terribly clueless about. Comic fight scenes I've seen, movie fight scenes are aplenty, but story fight scenes? I even had trouble describing "A Day At The Beach" in my English essay.
The genre of the fight was an issue too...I've only generally seen three sorts of fight scenes- kick/punch/jump, sword/gun, and mystical aura/fireball. The first could only last two sentences before making your computer enter sleep mode, while the latter two were either too cheesy or difficult with my limited knowledge.
Hehe, and so...there you have it. The making of the Computer Functions Fighting Genre. Pretty much a straightforward concept, hopefully I can add in little tidbits now and then to arouse interest. I'm guessing it's either "Favourites" material, or fit for the Recycle Bin.
Plot-wise, everything seems to be progressing OK-ly...need to speed things up a little, we're halfway through the intended length already. As you probably can guess, "He" will be your Villain For The Month.
Reconsidering additional characters and killing off somebody. I mean, somebody will die, but must it be at the expense of potentially attention-grabbing characters? There're no less than 17 million different ways to make Toby/Melly/Moby/Telly exciting, try discussing possible storylines people!
What, me trying to milk free storylines out of you people? I plead innocent!

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