Monday, November 01, 2004

Writer's Block

Stalkers I don't mind, flashers I don't really either, but lately I've been receiving calls to...kill off characters! What are you people, SICK?! all seriousness, a wise lecturer once said, "Life has meaning because it stops.". For those of you who aren't into this whole Wise Sayings Which Make You Appear Learned thing, that simply means things would get boring if you could live everyday like today forever. Likewise for pretty much everything else, a book would get tiring real fast if the pages just went on and on, and the characters stayed the same every time. No matter how exciting a gimmick appears to be, it cannot stay fresh without changes every now and then. (Disclaimer: Said the naive, uninformed one)
Having spewed all that, here're my Thoughts For The Day:
a) As much as the idea of a long-drawn 500-episode soap opera seems appealing, my stories will each last ROUGHLY 30 posts.
b) Be careful what you wish for...someone's gonna die die a terrible death soon. And no, I will not bring them back to life via some magical elixir.
c) There is no C.

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