Sunday, November 28, 2004

Writer's Block

So they are coming for me next. Coming to tear down this world I painstakingly created inch by inch, character by character.
Could it be a mistake of mine that it has all come down to this? After all, I was the one who felt Blogspot could no longer survive on the same tired plotlines it had been thriving on for so long. Caught in the past he might have been, but perhaps Archiver was right when he said I should not risk it all for one shot at glory.
So he comes in as clueless as the others. He had that first meeting just as he should have. Being in no state of mind to choose, I paired him with two companions myself.
But that was when doubts started appearing. He questioned my authority, he seeked answers, he wanted more than I would allow him to have. Instead of using his gifted mind to hunt down his Antagonist and provide the ultimate battle I wanted, he decided to challenge me.
I had not counted on that happening. After all, his memory had been erased completely, not partially. It was just unfortunate that he still possessed much of that strong-mindedness I had never dealt with before.
So knowing that he had no intention of finding out the whereabouts of his Antagonist, I sent him straight to him. For all his hatred against me, this defiance of his only made me all the more excited at the prospect of two such personalities colliding.
And what happens then? He somehow manages to defeat his Antagonist, and oh joy, he turns him against me as well. But not to worry, Archiver would take care of this menace once and for all. So I foolishly believed.
That old fool's best days are behind him, yes they are. He lost faith in me, and thus lost faith in himself. Now, all the glorious memories of the past, all my stories I cherished so much are...lost. Lost in the earth the Archiver sank into.
Oh, I could be devastated. By all means, I SHOULD be devastated. But if he thinks he is strong, I am even stronger.
Forget the Archiver. Forget the Antagonists. Forget Climax City. I have let go of everything - all for the sake of that ending which will leave everyone asking for more. My Blogspot shall live forever.
Ah, yes...a new chapter is dawning, I believe. And this time, it shall be a story the world was destined to read. The story of my victory.


nEphilim said...

is this the end?

mOkKiEs® said..., it's like the prelude before the big showdown.