Sunday, November 14, 2004

Chapter 19: "U"

He approached me at a steady pace, revealing every exact feature on himself which I had.
"So," grinned my Antagonist sinisterly. "You do look like what I've always imagined."
It was one thing seeing two similar-looking people standing together, but coming face to face with a real yourself is ten times more unsettling.
"You seem disturbed. can you be afraid of something that's so totally un-alien?"
I couldn't help retreating. Perhaps I should even run?
"Oh, silly me," he moved in on me. "I haven't even introduced myself yet. Call me U."
It figured. I was I, wasn't I?
"You're probably wondering where I came from, and what I'm here for." U ran swiftly behind me. I turned to face him, but he was no longer there!
Where had he gone? He couldn't have possibly disappeared so abruptly.
"And that's where you're wrong!" A hard fist landed on my cheek, flooring me. I tasted blood in my mouth. How come I hadn't seen that coming?
"That's because I've Cut myself."Another kick sent pain jolting through my ribs. "As long as I don't Paste myself, I can't be seen."
Now this was both scary and threatening. There was not even the remotest mathematical chance of me defeating U. I couldn't see him well enough to escape, I had no idea of countering his powers, nor did I have any myself.
"What do you want? Are you going to kill me?" I roared at the space before me.
An elbow to the forehead was all the response I got. "Probably." came his cheeky reply, echoing from somewhere to my left. I lunged at where he might be, hoping to get him before he got away again.
Yes! I succeeded in catching hold of a limb. U tried to wriggle out of my grasp, but I wasn't going to let him get away so easily. "When did you first come into Blogspot? And how?"
Uh-oh. A nearby rock floated to the air, positioning itself to strike my face.
I raised a hand to shield myself, but U was smarter. He slammed the rock onto the arm I was using to grab him, making me let go.
"Ho, ho, ho," I heard him chuckle as he slipped away. "Let's try to end this in five moves."

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