Saturday, November 20, 2004

Chapter 23: "Scenario"

Feeble though he seemed, there just was something about this old man which unsettled me. He claimed to possess knowledge about Blogspot second only to the creator, yet how much did he really know? How was it possible that he always appeared beside me, then vanish without a trace?
"Let's get him," U whispered at me before Cutting himself.
Suddenly everything paused for a moment. The leaves on the trees didn't move a single bit, Archiver's beard remained still as a rock, and I swore even my heart stopped beating. Oh no, did he know Freeze Frame as well?
Then it all resumed. What had just happened? It was probably some trick to scare me off. Without much thought, I charged forward and directed my fist at his face.
The very moment before it could connect, everything froze again. "You fool," I thought to myself. "As soon as you un-freeze us all, I'll break your nose."
Sure enough, this state of immobility didn't last long. I was about to land the punch when I noticed something very weird. I was standing where I had before the first pause occurred, and even Archiver was in the same pose.
Perhaps he could Tab his opponents and himself as well? But that was impossible! The switch had been absoulutely instantaneous, and everything was the same way it had been!
"Gotcha!" I heard U's voice as he managed to bear-hug Archiver from behind.
Archiver skillfully slithered free and once more, a pause occurred. And after a few moments, I was again in the same previous pose. So was Archiver.
"U? Are you there?"
He reappeared by my side. "H-hey! Didn't I get him?"
"Looks like this won't be ending anytime soon." Archiver stretched. "No matter what ways you can find to defeat me, all I need to do is to Load back to the scene when we first met."
"Heh. As the Archiver of this world, I've seen so many grand scenes that one would never wish to let go in their lifetime. It is, therefore, fitting that I possess the power of Save/ Load."
"I knew it," U slapped his forehead in exasperation. "He controls the flow of time in Blogspot. We'll never be able to get the better of him."

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nEphilim said...

urm... this may be a bit premature, but if u keep save/load won't really get u anywhere wat... no meh?
just like if u play diablo but u not strong enuff to kill diablo u save n load oso no i thot only use for when u want to do something dat cannot change in the game... like before u attack somebodies base n u scared die... den can load back...uhh, don't bother me-lah, i'm crapping...