Sunday, November 14, 2004

Writer's Block

Today my friend told me something, and...argh! It made me want to kick myself. This guy suggested I include "Scroll Lock" as a special power, which would make the victim unable to move. Without batting a Revlon-laden eyelid, I told him I already had such a "power", the Freeze Frame. Only then did it strike me...ARGH! Why didn't I name it Scroll Lock instead? Surely that made more sense, since I'd earlier mentioned that people in Blogspot moved using scrolls. And the killer blow, " there actually a Freeze Frame command on the keyboard?"
Oh well, let's just make do with what we have. Perhaps I'll find some way to cover it up later, but on with the story. I sense we're approaching the grand finale, but just a few more loose ends to tie up before we get there. The sensible path to go would be to defeat your Antagonist, then some filler/ explanation stuff, and bada-bing, bada-bang. However, I do succumb easily to temptations...
Anyhow, noticed how I haven't even yet revealed what gender "I" is? Yeah, go check it out! All 18 chapters, and still nobody knows whether it's a guy or a girl whom we've been reading about all along. I thought this would be cool at first, carrying all the way till the end, but...nah. I mean, how are you supposed to relate to someone you don't even know the gender of? Lesson learnt.
Guess I won't be able to hide it anymore, since "I" will be fighting his Antagonist next...whoops. It's a boy! Heh, as though that made a whole world of difference.
Now this is ironic...I'm getting writer's block while writing Writer's Block. Bye. Keep reading. Bye.

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C&F said...

Blogging takes on a new meaning here! I shall regularly write random stories with characters that appear out of nowhere, with the hope that everyone chips in their two cents' worth. No promises of entertaining with these spontaneous storylines, but heck, let's have FUN! {",}

-That is an excellent philosophy, good luck