Thursday, November 11, 2004

Chapter 16: "Again"

Helping Melly up, Toby glared at them both. "You might think you're good, but that meant nothing. Nothing, you hear me?"
"Let's see how long you'll sing this tune," Moby sneered. I shook my head in disbelief - was he growing bigger as he spoke? "Caps Lock!"
True enough, he was getting taller before my very eyes! He stood at least 12 feet from the ground, twice the height of the other three.
This was going to get ugly. Should I stop them? And if yes, how? I didn't possess any special powers like them. But if this went on, one of them could very easily get hurt.
"I've never destroyed anyone with my bare hands yet," roared Moby as he lifted Toby by the collar. "Yet."
Tab! Toby managed to escape his grasp, but this time he only managed to re-appear less than a foot away.
"Running out of energy? No surprise to me. You see, unlike your wimpy tricks, the longer I stay huge the stronger I become."
"Melly!" Toby called out to her. "Try your Freeze Frame on him!"
"I can't! I'm having trouble with Telly and her duplicates as well!"
I glanced over. She'd managed to freeze two Tellys, but one more was still loose. Having to fend her off, Melly had no choice but to release the Freeze Frame.
Somebody was tapping on my shoulder.
"It's me, the Archiver."

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