Friday, November 19, 2004

Chapter 22: "Origin"

I could tell U did share many things in common with me; after all we were two of a kind. He too was a determined character made to believe in what was wrong. The only difference was that I chose not to accept, and he did.
"Tell me," I said to him. "What do you know about the creator of Blogspot?"
He closed his eyes, straining hard to recall. "It's getting harder to remember, because there's this light..."
"Oh, you're affected by that light too?"
"Sure am. It makes everyone in Blogspot forget some things, making their goal to defeat their opposite even clearer."
Now I understood the purpose of the was a sort of constant measure to slowly mould them into utter single-mindedness.
"There's this place I have some recollections of," U said. "Everyone lives there before they're born. The streets were always filled to the brim with used papers, and you could see odd characters of every manner walking about."
"Weird...what's this place called?"
He frowned deeply again. "The sign...the sign...what did it say? There was a C...another C...something City..."
Within the recesses of my mind, a tiny bell rang. Someone had mentioned that name to me before. Since I'd forgotten everything from the real world, it had to be someone from Blogspot. That meant either Toby, Melly, Moby, Telly, Archiver, U, or...Archiver! It was Archiver! The other time in the hut!
"Climax City! It's Climax City, no?"
"Y...why, yes! Climax City, that's it! How did you know?"
"I met the Archiver, and he was going on about how he'd seen this place being built up. Is that where we should be going?"
"You could always try, that's for sure," A voice that didn't belong rang out. A voice that sounded like it belonged to...
"Yes, Archiver..." His sinister smile reflected in my eyes. "You are turning out to be quite a marvel, kid, I'll give you that. All my time here I've never seen anyone who managed to talk his Antagonist out of a fight. But this is where it all ends, I'm afraid."
He struck a pose. "I've been sent to write you off."

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