Saturday, November 13, 2004

Chapter 18: "Message"

I blinked my eyes twice, trying to come to terms with this alien surrounding.
Still white. Everything was washed in the whitest white possible, from the earth to the rocks to the sky.
And of course, not a single soul in sight.
I plodded on dejectedly, not a clue how this would end. Or whether it would end at all.
Suddenly, a slight rustling of paper caught my ear. I looked down and was utterly surprised to see a sheet in my hands.
"Greetings," it read. "We had to talk sooner or later. I am, of course, the one you have always heard Archiver babbling about, the old fool."
"I see you have been asking a lot, and I would not expect less. After all, you were my proudest creation next to the Archiver. What is it with those Antagonists, you wonder? Listen."
"Every character I have ever written in has an opposite I created seperatedly. As you know, this is called their Antagonist. Everyone has a different tale of how they met their Antagonist, and the outcomes of the battles they fought. It is these incredible tales which drive me to write more and more, in search of that perfect story."
"But that is how you are alike the rest; in many ways you are one of a kind. You see, unlike you, every person here was taken in when they were at the edge of desperation. Only with such weak minds could I compel them to give life to the stories I have written for them. However, I do realise that fact is many a time stranger than fantasy."
"Already I am sensing some defiance on your part, and I like that. Perhaps sometime soon you shall deliver a tale beyond anything I could ever conjure up. And perhaps that time"
I put down the note and looked back up. Just like I had guessed, a total replication of me stood in the distance.

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