Friday, November 19, 2004

Writer's Block

Shortshortshortie here, i promise. It's actually just to just to clarify Sarah's (and maybe some of you less outspoken ones ;^p) question on whether I'm still going to kill off somebody. Heh, was kinda hoping you people wouldn't notice.
Fact is, after I made that solemn-but-not-so-silent vow, there was this teeny bit of regret in my heart. Once again, I'd succumbed to peer pressure without much prior thought, boo hoo hoo.
Daydream Of The Day, all of you: If this story was made into an animated series (don't they use "cartoon" anymore?!), how long would each Chapter/ Episode be? I read back on some of the older posts, and to my horror...they wouldn't even last 5 minutes each! For even more laughs, check out Chapter 2: it would probably just exceed the 45 second mark!
Death is always a space-consuming plot device, what with all the past flashbacks, scenes of death, and aftermath. And space is something I just realised I don't have much of...that one extremely rushed scene with U took no less than 3 chapters, sigh.
Did I hear a chorus of boos? Haha...I broke a promise, didn't I? Well, not exactly. I said I'd kill someone off "soon", but a "soon" here isn't the same "soon" most of us are accustomed to, since I can only do a very limited number of scenes all in all. Supposingly I had a fight scene between A and B which lasted 3 Chapters and I promised someone would die within that 3 Chapters, wouldn't it be painfully obvious? Death jolts us the most only when it happens to someone who should be alive.
And with that, I renew my vow: Someone may or may not die, soon or not so soon. Eee-vil.
And I'm rather excited at the prospect of that final fight scene, I have some blurry visions already mapped out. Now is the time to sand ot all those rough bits I've peppered throughout the story. But hey! Let's not forget that the first ever Archiver Fight Scene is up next.
Should I make another promise? Ooh, what's another one: The next edition of Writer's Block promises to be very special indeed.
Here's to another shortshortshortie. =]

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