Saturday, November 06, 2004

Chapter 13: "Revelations"

Toby and Melly! Was it really them?
"Do you know where Moby and Telly are?" asked the girl allegedly called Melly.
"They...they..." I paused for a moment, wondering whether I should tell them. Numerous possibilities were running through my mind. They could be good, and Moby and Telly bad; or they evil, and Moby and Telly good. Alternatively, all four could be evil. It seemed unlikely that all four were good, seeing how this place seemed to stink of bad people with bad ideas.
"You were following them all this while, weren't you?" Toby took a step towards me. Instinctively I retreated, not too keen on getting near him.
"Hear me out," continued Toby. "Whatever they've been telling you are all lies, lies which He asked them to tell you. They are the true Antagonists, and I presume they were taking you to meet Him."
"What for?"
"Because," Melly cleared her throat. "He must meet every newcomer before He can create your Antagonist."
"So you mean both of you were tricked the same way into meeting Him, and from that He created Moby and Telly?"
"Yes. And the same scenario happens every time another being is brought into Blogspot. They'll always meet a Protagonist first, followed by an Antagonist. You must then decide who you want to follow, but the Antagonist will always try bringing you to Him."
Hmm...why had I gone with Moby and Telly in the first place? "But I didn't make a decision! The light appeared suddenly, and I found myself with them after that, remember?"
Toby and Melly didn't answer. They just stared blankly behind me, where a pimply-faced boy and pony-tailed girl stood.

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