Sunday, October 31, 2004

Chapter 9: "Archiving"

And there I was, standing smack inside that spooky run-down hut. What could Moby possibly mean by "everything here happens because someone higher up wants it to"? Did he mean that this world was run by a ruler? Or perhaps some even more sinister being?
I strained my eyes, trying to make out the the contents of the hut. It sure seeemed a lot smaller from the outside, because I could've I was now in a hut three times bigger.
"Yes," a voice rasped from a dark corner. "Seems a lot bigger inside, doesn't it? Goes to show what you see isn't always real."
"Huh?" Somehow I sounded more interested than surprised. After all I'd been through today, a flying three-legged checkered allosaur would scarcely raise an eyebrow.
"They call me the Archiver," stepped out a wrinkled old man whose beard almost touched the ground. "New to Blogspot, I see?
" did you guess?"
"Guess?" he chuckled. "I have no need for guesses...I know everything about everyone here. Where they came from, where they're going."
Finally! He seemed to be my brightest spark of hope yet. "How? Tell me, tell me!"
"Mmmm. Who did you first meet when you came into Blogspot?"
"Uh...Moby and Telly. No, wait! There was this Toby and Melly before them. I ended up with Moby and Telly after some big flash of light appeared."
"Mmmm. And they brought you here?"
I nodded.
The old man suddenly grabbed my shoulders, startling me. "Why? Why didn't you follow the first two you saw? YOU'VE BEEN TRICKED, YOU FOOL!"

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nEphilim said...

kill, kill, kill, kill... why didn't u kill of Moby or Melly...i want to see someone die... ;P