Thursday, November 18, 2004

Chapter 21: "Enlightenment"

"You're wrong! I do have a purpose, to defeat you! You're the one who's clueless here."
"You might think defeating me is your purpose," I stared at him. "But you just can't see beyond that. In other words, you don't have a purpose for your purpose."
I noticed that blank glassy look in U's eyes. The meaning of my words seemed to have sunk deep into him, eating away at his perception of everything.
"You understand, don't you? And I'm afraid it's not just happening to you; it's happening to everyone in Blogspot. Someone - or something - has managed to convince all of you that this is a real world with real motivations, when it isn't."
U muttered something inaudible. Would he trust me?
"It has to be a real has to be. It's the only world I've ever known."
"Consider yourself fortunate, U, to be pondering over this dilemma. All the others here are just unable to grasp the reality of what's truly going on around here."
"What is real, then?"
"I could tell you," I offered him a hand. "But then I would be no different from He who brought you all here. Life is all about something to look forward to, and surely there has to be more to that than defeating me."
Slowly he got back on his feet, eyes never leaving the ground. "Who told you all this?"
"More importantly, it's who I refused to believe in blindly."
"I didn't know where I was headed for in Blogspot, either. But after listening to what some people here have to say, I now know I must save everyone else before I can save myself. And I'm going to need lots of help."
"What could I do? I've been wrong all my life."
"Then it's time to finally be right. You know this place much better than I do."
He sighed deeply. "You sure about this?"
I nodded.
Another sigh, and he nodded in reply.

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nEphilim said...

this is suspiciously turning into a neo-matrix story... is it not? mebbe it's just coincidence...