Friday, November 26, 2004

Chapter 27: "Nearly"

I tried to flee, but my feet just wouldn't budge. It was like the pause which occurred before each Load, just that it was happening to nothing but the three of us.
To confirm my worst fears, a glimmer of red light materialised in the sky. It kept growing, turning redder as it neared. This didn't seem good...U and I couldn't move to avoid it!
Any moment now and we'd be crushed by the light, I was sure of it. Archiver really was going to make sure he went out in a blaze of glory.
If only this was an action movie, I thought. This was where the hero always appeared suddenly just in time to rescue the...uh, man-sel in distress.
And would you believe it, out of the utter blue a strong arm grabbed me away from the impending doom!
I tumbled onto the ground, not a clue whether I was still alive or dead. A ear-jarring zap rang out, like the sound of a malfunctioning appliance. "What the...?" I rubbed my eyes, looking to see who that arm belonged to.
"TOBY! What are you doing here?" Ecstasy washed all over me. But wait! The last time I saw him, hadn't he been fighting with Moby and Telly? There still was no knowledge of whether he was good or evil.
"Hey," he grinned, flicking back a loose hair. "Are you yourself, or your Antagonist?"
"I'm the Antagonist," U strode over and shook his hand. "And you are?"
"I'm Toby, one of his First Meeting Characters."
"Hold it," I raised a hand. "Toby, where are Melly, Moby, and Telly?"
"I don't know. After that light hit, I found myself alone on a mountain road. I trekked some distance, came to this place, saw you guys in trouble, then Tabbed you both away. End of story." "Looks like we did indeed defeat Archiver." U pointed at his lifeless body sprawled nearby. Before my very eyes it disintegrated into strange symbols, then sank into the ground.
And that was the end of strange old man who lived for Blogspot itself.
"Climax City," U said out loud suddenly. "Somehow, it found us."
"What?" I turned where he was looking, and gasped. Plastered across the gates in inky red letters was "CLIMAX CITY" - I could've sworn it wasn't there before.
Ominously the foreboding gates creaked open. The red words swirled round, reappearing as "HE AWAITS YOU".
We glanced at each other, waiting for one to say what all of us were thinking.
"Let's go in."

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