Friday, November 05, 2004

Chapter 12: "Reverse"

Suddenly I had every reason to suspect Moby and Telly. If they knew that we couldn't destroy any Antatgonists, where were we headed then? Why had they brought me here?
"I know what you're thinking," spoke Telly. "But please trust us. All I ask of you is just to follow us till we get out safely."
I stopped dead in my tracks. "All right, and in return for that trust I think I deserve to know everything you know about the Antagonists."
"We've already said every thing we can."
"Yeah, come on along now. I know a shortcut to the next village."
"Oh, so you won't say any more, will you?" I snapped. "That's what you said at first. And then I find out that we can't get rid of Antagonists. How do I know you guys aren't even Antagonists yourself?"
They both appeared positively horrified. Perhaps I'd been more rash than smart. What if they really were evil, and intended to kill me? They could do it right away, and nobody would know.
Well, I wasn't sticking around to make their job easier. I fled down the dirt path with all the speed I could muster, never once looking behind. Okay, just once. But by then, they'd already vanished from sight.
Finally, just before I swore my lungs would've burst, I stopped and collapsed in a pile. Panting five times harder than any dog, I looked up and realised I had come to the nearby woods. Phew! Now that was one impulsive move. Only problem was, where could I go now?
That was when I heard footsteps behind me. I looked up, and to my disbelief, before me stood Moby and Telly!
"H-how on earth..."
"Huh, at last we found you." said the pony-tailed girl. "Remember us? I'm Melly, and he's Toby."

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