Monday, November 08, 2004

Chapter 15: "Battle"

In a split second, Toby magically disappeared and reappeared a few feet away, where the three Tellys were coming at Melly. Their eyes grew wide, rather bewildered at how he could've done that.
"Ladies, I give you...Tab," he said, with all the pizzazz of a ringmaster. Before I could even blink, each Telly was on the ground and there he was, back where he had been. Two Tellys faded off into nothing, leaving only the real one.
Moby, still being caught in Freeze Frame, tried in vain to come to Telly's aid.
"In your dreams, Moby," grinned Melly. She tightened her invisible grip on him, making him vince in pain.
"Oh, look...poor Telly's trying to get up."
Gritting her teeth, she got back to her feet and motioned for them to fight her. "So you want another look at my Tab," Toby said. "I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you."
Telly remained stone-faced.
Tab! And Toby was behind her. Without skipping a beat, Telly broke free and ran towards Melly. Meanwhile, a duplicate of Telly appeared, striking Toby from behind. He fell to the ground, but upon seeing Telly making her way to Melly, sprang back up.
Tab! He clutched her shoulders, and spun her around so that she faced him. Pinning her to the ground with ease, he beamed proudly at Melly.
Horrors! He had been pinning Telly's double! The real Telly raced swiftly to Melly, and faster than Toby could Tab once more, POW!
Melly managed to get a hand up to block, but not quite in time. She staggered backwards, then fell with a loud thud. But that was enough. The Freeze Frame had been broken!
"My turn next, huh?" said Moby, cracking his kunckles.

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