Sunday, May 22, 2005

Writer's Block

Before we proceed with today's very-appealing edition of Writer's Block, I must first direct your attention to this Flash file which I've been crazy over the past few days. I know I'm always recommending Flash files, lol, but this one's just super man...awe-inspiring (not to mention troop-inspiring) track, witty lyrics, and as an added bonus for all you cow-lovers (*coughcoughJillcoughcough*) ...

And now.
The story. That's what we came here for, didn't we?
Yeah, so...the story.
It doesn't take a genius to see that Chapter 24 is gonna be the start of the point where we "go somewhere". Remember all that hoo-hah I made earlier in the story about suicides and mercy killings? That was actually done in foresight, and hopefully it'll give me a useful plot device now. Stir in a generous helping of Kat's mist-te-rioos past, more on Nelson's, and Darren's yet-to-be-mentioned cause of death, and you've got one heck of a thing coming.
Last week I was telling O Liang (not his real name) that I've now totally immersed myself into being the writer, and not the reader. This leads to the threat of me focusing too much on the details that I'm unable to get a grasp on the big picture. Sort of like how an artist always finds his work different when he looks at it from far. Plus, there's this syndrome which nobody has coined a term for yet - the Extra Fondness In Your Own Work Syndrome. The artist analogy for this would be Mr. Artist finding his masterpiece the most beautiful thing to grace God's green earth, while an onlooker says, "Oh, okay. Not bad." (cue artist saying through gritted teeth, "That's it?")
So that's why I need you guys to regularly critique me from where you're standing, and I'm not! Remember, YOU can make a difference. And remember, if I say it enough times, you might start buying it.
Not sure if I've griped about this previously, but 24 Chapters to reach the break-out premise does make for a terribly slow story. Though it was done in the name of character development, I still wish I'd slotted in more ideas from the start along with all that melodrama. Well, here's hoping everything turns out well, and that the hands justify the chins. Or something like that. Btw, this puts me in a bit of a spot, as I can't possibly spend 24 Chapters on "Getting To The Premise", then 30 Chapters on "The Premise Itself". 100 Chapters is so staring me in the face.
Anyone keen to talk about Mortie's return? Somehow, I sense that I'm entertaining myself - hey, it is my blog anyway. Eh-nee-hoo, casting Mortie as the "leader of the cause" came only at the point of writing. I had envisioned a charismatic yet ultimately tragicised (?) guy for the role, with Mortie as a Spook authority. To cut a long story short, I didn't want to buy a new pair of socks while another pair were lying to waste - so there you have it - Mortie, Ghostopia Gatekeeper by day, Leader Of The Cause by night.

Well hey, you know I'm out of material when a strange two-line break pops out. So have a tolerable week ahead, live each day as though you're not a Ghost, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

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