Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 15: Something Spook-y

The two found themselves tailing Kat down the street, constantly making sure she didn't notice them. It was a good thing the streets were still filled, making her lose sight of them soon enough. "Think she knows we're still following her?" Darren asked Nelson as they hid themselves behind an unused Shifter.
"Guess not, she doesn't seem in a hurry."
"Good. So when do you reckon we catch up with her?"
"There's a stretch upfront with many bends. Once she goes in there, we can catch up with her without her knowing."
They shadowed her for a couple more minutes before arriving at the said bend. Though Kat didn't notice them on her heels, she continued at a steady pace without making any stops. As soon as she disappeared behind the wall Nelson motioned to Darren to speed up.
The street became dimmer and narrower, eventually resembling more a back alley. They kept track of Kat's distance by following her more and more frantic-sounding footsteps, also at the same time trying hard to not give themselves away.
Suddenly, the footsteps stopped. Had she realised that they were there? Darren and Nelson held their breaths and halted, knowing she might be listening for clues.
Then some voices boomed from where Kat likely was, perking their curiousity.
"Ain't it past your bedtime yet, missy?"
"You're one of those rascals from the other side, aren't you?"
"I believe there's a picture of you up somewhere in the chief's office."
Darren quietly inched his head above the wall to see what was going on. Three hulking forms with only outlines for bodies surrounded Kat, who was trying her best to look unperturbed.
"You got it all wrong, sirs. Some suspicious-looking guys were following me back home just now, and I had to use this shortcut to shake them off."
"Suspicious-looking men? How did they look like?"
"Umm..let's see. There were two of them. One had this pair of nerdy spectacles on, and the other was pretty buffed up."
"Hey, she's describing us!" Darren whispered to Nelson who was listening intently behind the wall. "But who are those people anyway?"
"They're big, and have no bodies?"
"Shoot," Nelson wiped his brow. "This can't be good. They're Spooks."

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