Monday, May 16, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 21: The Haunt, Again

"Um, well," Darren half-pondered. "I dunno, why not the same place as last night?"
"You mean The Haunt?"
"The Haunt? Yeah, yeah! That's the place."
"Hmm...sure you don't wanna check out somewhere new?"
"Some other time, maybe? Kat said she would be there."
"Haha, yeah, she seems like a girl of many tales."
Nelson gave him a weird look. "Ohh-kay."

The two made their way across a row of tables, squinting to see where Kat was. It was difficult to make out faces in the ghostly lighting The Haunt chose to go with tonight.
"Sure is crowded here tonight, isn't it?" Darren quipped.
"Yeah. Must be something special going on."
Nudging past the crowd, they finally managed to spot an empty table at an extended corner. "Where's that Kat? I sure hope she didn't stand you up again." Nelson smirked.
Hmm. She did say she would be here most nights, didn't she? "Ehh...don't worry. She's probably somewhere around."
"But of course, it's no big deal if she doesn't show up." He quickly added.
"Point taken, dude."
Then just as they were preparing to order, the stage lit up in a flash of colours. The same girl from yesterday stepped out, adorned in similar flowing robes and inch-thick makeup.

If I were taken away
This very time and day
None beside
Alone for the ride
I'll just go
Where fate takes me to
Life and death, all the same

If he asked me once more
I still would have said no
Faces I knew
Matter not still
There I'll be
Sleeping souls beside me
Warmth and cold, all the same

Taken away
Down the road of eternity
Past the tunnels
Slowly I lose my sanity
It's all taken away
From me

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