Friday, May 20, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 23: To Meet, Or Not To Meet

"Kat!" Darren jumped. "And when did you get here?"
"Haha, now that's what I call answering a question with a question," she laughed. "I was here all night - maybe you missed me, what with the flashing lights and all."
"Uh-huh...yeah, guess I did." he shrugged.
She shrugged back.
"Oh hey, there you are," Nelson came over, then glanced at Kat. "You too."
She uttered a barely audible "hi" to him. "So, you guys headed home?"
"Y...eah," Darren looked at Nelson. "It's...uh, getting late."
"Okay. Bye."
Nelson turned to leave, visibly tired. Darren trudged reluctantly behind him, but there just was a niggling feeling inside, as if Kat was witholding from him the answer to some riddle.
"Hey, er..."
She looked at him. "Yeah?"
"Where're you going?"
"The meeting."
"Huh? What meeting?"
"Come join me if you wanna find out."
She walked off hurriedly to the back of the cafe, followed by three of the waiters. What meeting did she mean? Was it one for the cafe workers? But if so, why did she ask him to come along as well? Somehow, she always found a way to pique his curiousity every time they met.
"Dude, you coming or not?" Nelson called out from the entrance.
"Wait," he said. "They're having some sort of meeting back there, and she invited me to come along."
"Oh, can't be serious. It's probably for the workers or something."
"But then why would she invite me?"
"I don't know! Listen...I'm really beat now, either you follow me home with me now, or I'll see you tomorrow at the stall."
He knew it would be plain foolish to risk sleeping on the streets just for finding out what the meeting was about. But yet, he wasn't in any way sleepy - maybe due to him having half-slept through all the performances - and, and...and something.
"All right then, I'll see you at the stall tomorrow."
"Cool. Good night."
Seeing Nelson vanish down the street, Darren couldn't help wondering if he'd made a dumb choice.

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