Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 24: The Meeting Starts

Curious, Darren wandered to where Kat and the others had went. There didn't seem to be any voices or sounds.
He knocked twice, timidly, on the wooden door.
"Yes?" A gruff voice barked from inside.
"Uhh...Kat asked me to come here."
A few seconds later the door swung open. "Cliched as it may sound," Kat grinned. "I knew you would come."
She led him into a tiny room bathed in red. Four other Ghosts, all apparently workers of the cafe, sat in a circle.
"Hi?" Darren waved nervously upon seeing every pair of eyes trained on him.
"Oh, loosen up," Kat said. "Everyone, meet Darren. Darren, this is Todd, Amelia, Scarlet, and Fletcher."
"Okay. Cool." He nodded repeatedly. Not to mention idiotically.
The others just waved and smiled back meekly.
Suddenly two hard knocks pounded against the door. "Ah, that must be him!" Kat beamed. "Hang on guys, we're starting real soon!"
She opened the door, welcoming in a short plus-sized man. "Sorry I'm late, had some stuff to sort out with the Commissioner." He hung his coat and proceeded to their small circle.
"Hey, it's you!" Darren cried out when the lone light shone on the man's face.
"'s me - have we met before?"
It was Mortie, the gatekeeper of Ghostopia! Darren hadn't expected to meet him again so soon, more so here of all places.
"Yup, I believe you're the one who entered me into Ghostopia when I first came."
"Heh, I've entered tons of you dudes, I can't recall all of them. But you do ring a bell...yesterday, cause of death unknown?"
"Bingo! That's me!"
"Should've known, you were slightly difficult," he chuckled. "Al'right now, people, let's get on with today's agenda, shall we?"
"Pst," Darren whispered to Kat. "You haven't told me what's going on yet."
"Don't worry, he'll be getting to that."
"And now, for the benefit of the new ones," Mortie stood up, nostrils flaring. "Who amongst you, I ask - who amongst you wants to live again?"

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