Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 19: Kat's Reply

"You know what, Kat? I guess you're right." Darren shrugged his shoulders. "I'm probably doing this so that I can make you feel sorry sorry yourself, though you don't seem to need help with that. After all, my death was a joyride compared to yours."
Having said that, he walked away from her. "Bye, Kat. Have fun."
She stood still.
"You're not the first person to have called me that."
He turned around. "Called you what?"
"Well, are you self-pitying?"
"Am I? I have every right to be."
"Kat, I know many bad things must've happened to you in the past, both while you were living and after that. But if you keep at the way you are now, the bad will make way for even more bad."
She laughed sneeringly. "You sure are one for motivational talk. Though I didn't buy an inch of that crap you just spewed, but...yeah, thanks."
For no reason Darren found his ears growing hot. "Uh...well, welcome."
She flicked back a loose hair and continued smiling.
"So, ah...where were we?"
"You were about to invite me to stay at your place, I believe."
"Uh, yeah. I mean, no, it's not actually my place. Though I think Nelson did seem okay with it last night. Did he? He did, right?"
Kat's eyes narrowed. "Come again?"
"I mean," he swallowed. "You can come over. If you want to, that is."
"If I want to...if I want to..."
"Yup. If you want to."
Darren coughed, a little somewhat nervously.
"You know what," At last she replied. "I was just exaggerating when I said I lived out in the streets. Most nights, I rent a little room inside that cafe you saw me in last night."
"You mean you work there?"
"Can't say I'm working there - more like leaching off them for a little something in return."
"So...guess that means a 'no' to staying with us?"
"Right. That's a no."

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