Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 16: Doing Time

"Yeah, Spooks. They're the enforcers of authority in Ghostopia, always going round at night to weed out troublemakers. Trust me, you don't want to run into them without a terribly valid excuse."
"You, hiding there! I hear you!"
To their horror one of the Spooks just whizzed itself beside them and grabbed a collar in each hand. In a blink it whizzed them back to the other Spooks before Darren could even catch his breath.
"Explain yourself, eavesdropper." The Spook standing nearest to them snarled.
Kat's mouth fell open. "You! I thought I lost you!"
Then cunningly she turned to the Spooks. "Sirs, these two were the ones following me! I want them arrested at once."
"How dare you!" Darren spat back. "She conned me and stole my papers this morning! I want her arrested as well!"
"I've never seen this guy in my life ever! He's mad! Arrest him!"
"Oh, would you believe it! Now she's tricking you Spooks as well! Arrest her!"

"It's all your stupid fault."
"Shut up, moron."
Darren, Nelson, and Kat found themselves in - surprise, surprise - a dingy prison cell. They would most likely be detained for the night till supposed "investigations" were completed.
An unbearable stillness hung in the air before Nelson decide to play peacemaker.
"So, Kat, how and when did you come to Ghostopia? You've made quite a name for yourself, you know."
She stared daggers at Nelson. "Oh, I've made a name, huh? Kat The Consperson? Is that it?"
"You know, everyone thinks I'm evil," she said. "They look at me and think how much I like cheating newcomers out of their possessions. But no one ever cares about the rest of me!"
For a lengthy period no one said a word. Then Darren spoke up.
"Okay, lady, we're hearing you now. What about the rest of you?"

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