Sunday, May 15, 2005

reCAPENNING: Ghostopia, Chapters 16-20

After hearing Darren and Kat bicker about each other's 'crimes' (Kat stealing Darren's papers, Darren tailing Kat), the Spooks arrest them both, along with Nelson, and imprison them for the night.
Inside the prison cell, Kat snaps at them both for judging her the way everyone else does: a conniving consperson. Though Darren and Nelson soften their stance after hearing that she has nowhere to stay, she rejects their sympathy. Nelson tells Darren that the circumstances surrounding her death might relate to her bitter attitude.
The next morning, after they get released, Darren invites her to stay with them once again. Following another cold refusal, he tells her off, calling her 'self-pitying'. This strikes a chord, opening her up more to him. However, she still turns down the offer of staying at their place, apparently not telling the truth about being homeless. Before walking off, she invites him to drop by The Haunt at nights, where she rents a room to live in.
Darren then tags along with Nelson to work at the marketplace. Following an uneventful day, Nelson again decides to take Darren out to the city, leading us into Chapter 21.

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