Saturday, May 28, 2005

reCAPPENING: Ghostopia, Chapters 21-25

Darren persuades Nelson to go to The Haunt again, where the girl from yesterday delivers another breathtaking performance. Unfortunately, the rest of the John Denver-themed night bores Darren to tears.
Fast forward to the end of the night, and as they are about to leave, Kat appears from the other end of the cafe where she'd been all night. She invites Darren to join her for a mysterious meeting being held at the back of the cafe, but Nelson insists on going home. At last Darren decides to not stay with him for the night and follows Kat to the meeting.
Inside the meeting room he finds Kat, four other Ghosts, and surprisingly, Mortie the gatekeeper. Mortie then reveals the agenda of their secret group called the Ezisa - to bring all of them back to the world of the living. As a baffled Darren listens on, Mortie explains that they're not on good terms with the Ghostopia authorities, leading us to Chapter 26.

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