Wednesday, May 04, 2005

reCAPPENING: Ghostopia, Chapters 11-15

After showing Darren his house, Nelson takes him to the city for some sightseeing and dinner. They end up in a cafe called "The Haunt", where Darren learns another quirk of Ghostopia - you need not pay for any expenses till right before your second death!
In an ensuing conversation, Nelson reveals that he was murdered in a gang fight in the previous world. Before they can continue, a girl comes onstage to sing as part of the joint's entertainment. Her song "Bygones" wows the crowd and Darren as well. However, the other performances make the night pass dully for him.
Out of the blue, he spots Kat on the other side of the room. After alerting Nelson, they decide to go after her. Kat notices them as well and leads the two on a chase down the busy streets. Eventually they manage to catch up with her, after she thinks they aren't on her heels anymore.
Then three huge outlined forms show up to intimidate Kat, though she counters smartly by saying she was just using this route home to escape from some stalkers. From their hiding place, Nelson silently reveals to Darren that those beings are called Spooks, leading us into Chapter 16.

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