Friday, May 13, 2005

Writer's Block

What? We're due for a Recappening AGAIN? Sheesh, somebody seems to be blogging too regularly again...
Anyway, let's leave that summarising exercise for tomorrow, nobody reads it anyway. A lookback at where this tale of Ghostopia is at now, Chapter 20, brought to you in comparative perspective.
At the Chapter 20 stage of my first story, "Blogspot", we're already through with Toby/Melly, Moby/Telly, Archiver, The Most Confusing Fight Scene Of All Time, and nearing the end of the fight scene with U.
And as for "The Secret Room", hahahahaha. By Chapter 20, we have Will, Jimmy, and Jan excited about the Secret Room, a whole lot of (mis)adventures with Mrs. Banks, Stella, Stella's past, Stella disappearing, and Jimmy disappearing.
How does Ghostopia fare at the same stage, then? Let's see...Darren's dead, he meets Mortie, then Kat, gets conned by Kat, meets Nelson, stays with Nelson, goes to The Haunt, re-runs into Kat, goes after her, encounters the Spooks, gets imprisoned, talks with Kat, blah blah, and here we are on the verge of Day 2, Nightime.
Huh. I was thinking Ghostopia would be the draggy long-winded one, especially seeing how dialogue-centric the past few Chapters have been. But surprise, surprise, it's coming out pretty tight. Held up against the previous two stories, I prefer the "blending of scenes" here more - and that, IMHO, is due to a clearer grasp on the overall story. Roughly translated as REFRAIN, lol.

Some random points in ya face:
What, you can't read them?
Boo hoo hoo.
  • I kid you not, this story could go up to 70 Chapters if we go by the masterplan I have. As mentioned in a previous Writer's Block, we're starting on establishing The Haunt as a meeting place of some sort.
  • I was actually thinking of not making Kat all buddy-buddy with Darren yet, but then we just wouldn't have anything left for Day Two. And there would be difficulty bringing her up again. Some dishes are best served hot, no?
  • Oh lookie, poor Nelson is back to the bottom of the "character development" chart. Hope he doesn't turn into some wise-cracking sidekick a la Disney. Nah. Don't worry, I've great things planned for him.
  • Where's that Emily girl? Funny I keep mentioning Emily, seeing that see only got in a grand total of ONE (1) line. She'll figure in the later parts of the story in a BIG way - shhh!
  • I'm still complaining that I haven't splashed more colour/details on the world of Ghostopia. Instead, the characters are getting it all. Well, whaddaya expect from Mr. Form 5 Essay? Ohoho.
  • When should I drop the bomb on Kat's death? I don't know, you tell me.
  • Haha, just kidding. I do know.
  • Moving away from the story: I was engrossed with this site for most of Wednesday afternoon, and last night: . It's basically a series of Flash animations done in storyline format by this "normal" guy, now up to Chapter 5 (b). Though my worst fears that everyone in the Flash world has already heard of it have been confrimed, do check it out if you haven't done so. Simply the story I wish I'd thought of.
  • Last But Not Lea...whoops, I mean, In A Nutshel...sorry, In Conclusi...agh, no escaping them darned cliches. Anyway, signing off with this: today happens to be Friday, May the 13th. Sincerely hope you understand the significance of it other than Bad Luck Day.
  • That was all, In A Nutshell.

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