Saturday, May 07, 2005

Writer's Block

5 Chapters and 1 Recappening, and we're back to refresh ourselves at another Writer's Block!
I've finally pinpointed the root cause of the "cliffhanger at every end of chapter"'s because of how I go about updating my story.
Step One, start off with a few lines.
Step Two, continue with more lines till I almost max out the page (before a scroll bar appears)
Step Three, press Enter till the scroll bar becomes roughly half the length of the box where I write my stuff.
Step Four, estimate how many lines I have left to write before the post of the day is of passable length, then FILL IT UP.
Shame on you, Step Four! And shame on myself as well, for giving life to Step Four. That is so not the way to write, looking forward to constantly wrap things up by hitting word-count milestones. It usually ends up with me either plodding on with meaningless dialogue just to complete a post, or rushing through an entire scene with just a few lines of dialogue. Take for example, that scene where the three get arrested by the Spooks. It had sounded, crisp when I wrote it, but reading back now it seems like it could've used more meat.
Another drawback of such short chapters - they make me short-sighted to the "big picture". Yeah, storyline arcs, whatever. If this is going to be a long-drawn story, methinks the dialogues, descriptions and everything-under-the-sun CANNOT always be confined to the length of a single chapter. Like you can see in Chapter 17, I'm experimenting with dialogue which spans across chapters. Of course, such long-drawn-ness could lead to a potentially boring read where two guys talk for 3 chapters. Or, you know, we gotta wait till Chapter 50 before something happens. Let's see how it works.
And I still haven't touched on anything about the plot yet? Mannn...let's get this over and done with.
You smarter ones will probably pick up that the Spooks aren't a one-time attraction; they'll basically end up as your not-so-nice authority figures whom our protagonists will battle. More will have to be added to their characters later on, lest they become mixed up with those yucky Dementors from Harry Potter. Yeah, sue me!
Wasn't expecting to pull the trigger on Kat's background so soon, but it could happen in the next few chapters, or it may not. Again, I'm getting afraid that this story could turn out too lengthy. I mean, it's already Chapter 17, and we've barely skimmed the introductions. Lately I've been having recurring nightmares of The Bold And The Beautiful. Eew. Anyway, gonna love coming up with Kat's "cause of death" and background!
And Nelson's background!
And Darren!
And Emily!
Nitey nitey! =)

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