Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ghostopia, Chapter 22: So Went The Night

Breathtaking, even more so than the night before. Every single note, each word, the mood, all was perfect. Not a Ghost was seen seated or not joining in the raptous applause.
She clutched her mic tightly, seemingly overwhelmed by the crowd. "Thank you, all of you. Enjoy your meal."
"Great, isn't she?" Nelson said to a fazed Darren.
Darren plonked himself back on his seat, taking a bite out of the Salad du Occulte which he hadn't even notice arriving at their table. The more he saw her, the more this girl reminded him of Emily. They both had such charming vibes which one could easily fall for without words or overly noticable mannerisms. However, Darren thought, he wasn't one to fall in love at first sight.
"Hoa yeah," Nelson grinned broadly. "Here comes another one."
A goofy-faced bloke dressed up cowboy-style took to the stage, guitar in hand. "Howdy, y'all," he drawled in a very fake accent. "Y'all ready for more?"
The cafe rang loud with hoots and cheers. Darren groaned, albeit to himself.
"Lets'all riiiiide down the ol' country road! Yee-haw!"
Amidst a cheesy track of desert-themed sounds playing softly in the background, he started belting out John Denver's Take Me Home, Country Roads. It wasn't particularly great or bad, just ho-hum, dum-dee-dum.
As Darren had feared, it was only the first of a thoroughly uninspiring night. There were only so many country tunes he could take before being on the verge of throwing up. And yet nobody else seemed to feel the same way he did. Not even Nelson.
"This one's called...Take Me To Tomorrow." said the umpteenth John Denver wannabe. Darren stifled a yawn. He'd never even heard of that song before.
Another sleep-inducing few hours passed before the show finally ended. Chattering excitedly amongst themselves, the Ghosts started filing out of the cafe. It was every bit as packed as when Darren and Nelson came in earlier.
"Well, I did ask you twice about coming here," Nelson smirked at seeing Darren's bored face.
"Oh, it's all right. Come, let's go."
Just when Darren was feeling mightily disappointed for being subjected to a tepid night and not seeing Kat, it happened. It had to happen. Kat came out of nowhere and slapped him on the back.
"Hey, what's up! Now, when did you two get here?"

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