Thursday, December 30, 2004

Chapter 42: "Finale"

The dreaded blue ray shot out of his hands directly at me. Instinctively I raised my hands to cover, Writer's words flashing back in my mind.
"You have no more powers left." True. His Scroll Lock had effectively disabled most of my buttons.
"You now have no more possible allies." True as well. Toby, Melly, Moby, Telly, and U had all been permanently Deleted.
Would this be how it end? Would the finale of this story forever read that I had lost to Writer?
Suddenly a button embedded in my palm started flashing. Delete! It was the one power that had been given to me naturally, therefore it could still be used despite the Scroll Lock! I wasted no time tapping it furiously.
A blue ray shot out of my own palm, meeting that of Writer's. The two rays pushed at each other, each trying to overcome the other.
"Once more you defy me. But when all is said and done, you shall always remember that the Creation can never surpass the Creator."
The veins in his neck strained so hard they seemed almost about to burst as he grew another few feet taller. I forced every ounce of strength into my hands, hoping to overpower him in whatever way I could.
But it was an uphill battle, one which I was losing fast. His ray burned with an almost demonic intensity, as though he had this absolute resolve that the battle had to be won with this one attack. What could I do to escape this fate? Already his Delete ray was starting to push mine back.
Nobody. There was absolutely nobody. Unlike all those previous brushes with death, i was completely alone this time around. "So many have given their lives to me so that I can defeat you! I MUST WIN! MUST! MUST! MUST! MUST!"
"What do you know about giving? Do you know just how much, how unimaginably much I have given to my Blogspot? Your battle is not even half as important as mine. And victory has no choice but to favour me."
With a deafening roar his blood-red eyes bulged even larger. Surely his Delete ray was now no more than six feet away from me. I struggled hard just to keep my footing.
Four feet. No! He was just too strong. Already my entire body was quivering, every nerve begging for mercy. I took long, deep breaths, concentrating my energy harder than I ever had.
"Yesss...yesss...time to make way for a new story, my child."
I scanned the array of buttons. Only the supplementary buttons like Shift, Control, and Alternate remained. These only worked with other buttons, and those were the ones Writer had Scroll Locked.
Perhaps not! An idea formed within my mind.
A cold shiver ran down my spine when I found out that the ray was a mere two feet away now. Only one last chance for me now. I had to experiment to see whether the supplementary buttons could work with Delete. Either that or I was dead.
Control and Delete yielded nothing.
So did Alternate and Delete.
Shift and Delete. Nothing.
One more foot and that was it. Maybe a combination would work, I pressed Control...
The ray was so close I could almost feel it with my bare skin!
"DELETE!" To my amazement layers of deep purple and red appeared from my palms and encircled my ray, strengthening it so much it ripped through Writer's ray all the way to himself.
His disbelieving eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as the Control + Alternate + Delete ray went through him like a laser beam. He let loose a ear-piercing howl, collapsing into a heap. All at once the mighty demon that stood before me was reduced to a snivelling boy in glasses, bleeding profusely from the mouth.
"I...I...have lost."
"Indeed you have," I said. "Go home, boy. Go home, and forget that Blogspot ever existed."
He whimpered, not willing to accept that his chance at victory had slipped away. "The story...must be completed...only by me..."
"Let me take over," I gazed at the window which appeared. "END TASK."
His body slowly changed to the colour of his surroundings, blending him in. "Heh heh heh heh heh. This story crowns you its victor, but I will get my second chance. For as long as stories exist and people read them, I live on! Maybe not today, but the day shall come when my masterpiece unfolds! Farewell, my Blogspot! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
Just as suddenly as he'd brought me into this world, so vanished the one who had created it with all his heart and soul. At the same instant Climax City stopped burning and disappeared from sight as well. I was left in a blank white void.


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