Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Chapter 32: "Delete"

I watched helplessly as He made Telly float in the air, terrified for her life.
"Behold, Telly. I caught her at a most desperate time of her life, when she would easily have been bent any way I wished. Alas, poor, poor Telly. She associated herself with you, and that made me hate her just as much as you. How I wish I could have wrote better stories for her, considering I saved her from committing suicide anyway."
Then up came Moby.
"Moby...trapped in that desolated warehouse, were you not? I, of course, saw potential in expanding you as a character like no other. Together with Telly you could have been so much IF you had just given yourself the chance."
Strangely enough, Melly stayed on the ground.
"Melly. A magnificent Antagonist you were, really. That battle between the four of you was truly something so incredible, it should have lived on in the history of Blogspot. If Archiver was still around, that is."
"WHAT?" Melly's jaw dropped open. "I'm an Antagonist?"
"Everyone always thinks they are not the Antagonist, my foolish child."
Tears started coming out of her eyes. "Noo...I'm not real. I belong to this world..."
There was a cold fire eating away at my heart as the face of this Him started showing itself to me. Here was a person who saw only himself and his visions in every human. He bore no qualms over taking away everything they had so that he could give it to his Blogspot. Like it or not, I had to be the one to put an end to all this.
"I'm warning you one last time - COME AND FIGHT ME! STOP USING MY FRIENDS, YOU COWARD!"
"You puny imbecile, do you not realise that I could do anything I want to you right now?"
"You always say that. But you know what I've found out? You've never lived up to your word, and guess why? It's because you've in fact lost your power over me. The moment I decided that I didn't belong to Blogspot, the ink in your pen ran dry. I make my own decisions, not you, you disgrace of a wannabe writer!"
The last line came without me even thinking about it. How would He react?
Instead of the fiery roar and thunder I expected, it was something worse. Much, much worse.
Telly fell to the ground dead.
Moby dropped, lifeless as well.

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