Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Chapter 37: "Climaxing"

Indeed, Toby was trying desperately to Tab himself out of the goo trapping him.
"Just hang in there!" U shouted. "Undo!"
But it didn't work this time. Instead, some parts of Writer began to harden into metal. "You must take me for some sort of fool, falling for that again."
The blob rolled towards us, sucking Toby further in in the process.
"Toby! Tab out, before he devours you!"
"Can't you see that's what I'm doing?" yelled him anxiously. "He's somehow managed to disable my powers!"
Melly raised her hands to attempt a Freeze Frame, but for some reason couldn't move herself.
"Freeze Frame? I INVENTED Freeze Frame."
Incredible. Writer had actually turned Melly's powers against herself!
"U!" I called out. "Try Undoing repeatedly!"
"Undo!" he tried once. "Undo!"
Still there didn't seem to be much difference.
"More! More!"
"Undo! Undo! Undo! Undo!"
Bit by bit, Writer's grip on Toby loosened.
"Come on, U! Just a bit more!"
I looked up, and Tab! Toby stumbled onto the ground. However, Writer still retained his part metallic, part organic form.
Sweating profusely from the brow, U Cut himself without skipping a beat. Like a panther he sneaked up behind Writer, but it was fruitless. He reappeared forcefully, frozen in place.
"U...supposedly the one who would fight Blogspot's greatest battle as I had planned. I gave you life, but you let me down by taking up arms against me. And for that, there can only be one outcome...DELETE."
The blue ray. Before Melly could even conjure up a Freeze Frame, U fell.
Dead he lay on the ground. My Antagonist.
"Oohh...see how he cries, our little hero here. Weep not for that sorry soul, for already he knew he was destined to have his life ended when the story called for such."
"You've claimed three lives here today."
" sure stings, does it not? But dare you deny that it compels you to fight even harder, no? And thus, allowing our masterpiece to be born in this very spot."
Deep down, I was seething but I had to try my best and hide it. One thing was for certain - the longer this battle dragged on, the more lives he would take, eventually climaxing with mine.

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