Saturday, January 01, 2005

Chapter 43: "Epilogue"

Unbelievable as it was, the battle was finally over. And I had won. Somehow.
I reflected back upon all I'd been through, and only then did it dawn upon me what an incredible episode it truly was. From the moment I found myself mysteriously trapped here, meeting Toby, Melly, Moby, and Telly, then meeting and fighting U, not forgetting the omnipresent Archiver. And of course, coming face to face with Writer and truly understanding his motivations to create the best story ever told.
Did he succeed or fail? In a paradoxical way, I could almost relate to him. Creating Blogspot was at the start just an act of cutting the nose to spite the face, to show his sister how much he hated reality. Little by little, as he came to realise and relish the power he actually wielded, Blogspot became the reality he embraced. And only by making others embrace it the way he did could his world, his story, his life, go on. It was hard to tell whether most would've done the same thing in his position.
Kicking the pure white sand uncertainly, I uncovered something at the spot where Writer had vapourised. A closer look revealed a glittering pen finished in gold and an ordinary-looking notepad. I flipped open the first page and was puzzled to see some rough sketches of a gaunt old man. The second page showed neater drawings of the same old man. He was unmistakably...Archiver.
Without warning the pen lifted itself up and began writing. "CREATE ARCHIVER - YES/NO?"
Stunned beyond words, I tried to let go of the book but I couldn't. Couldn't more in the sense that I didn't want to.
"Yes." I whispered without even thinking what I was saying.
And presto, Archiver magically faded into sight before me. The very same Archiver I'd fought and seen sink into the sand.
"My Lord, my Creator." he kneeled at my feet. "I am yours to command."
Mine to command? What was going on here?
"Your Majesty, let us first create a pair of Antagonists and a pair of Protagonists. Then only shall we commence with the construction of your abode."
"Errr..." I was still trying to come to terms with the situation. Had I somehow taken over the throne of Blogspot?
I turned to the next page of the notepad and couldn't believe my eyes. More sketches, but this time they were of a pimply-faced boy and a pony-tailed girl. Toby and Melly. Or Moby and Telly.
The pen started writing again. "CREATE TOBY - YES/NO?"
Toby materialised just like Archiver had.
"This can't be real," I rubbed my eyes. "Weren't you dead?"
He didn't answer. Instead, the pen asked again. "CREATE MELLY - YES/NO?"
Melly appeared as well.
"HOW? Can someone tell me what's going on here?"
"My Lord," Archiver said. "Do not be confused, these two shall not fight each other. They shall instead fight another pair of Protagonists. May I suggest two winged lizards?"
"No...don't Protagonists always look exactly the same as their Antagonists, but with different powers and names?"
"An excellent idea, Your Highness! They shall be called Moby and Telly then."
Another boy and girl who resembled those two down to the last hair appeared from thin air.
"Now split up, you four. Toby and Melly, you shall track down Melly and Toby and battle them, and vice versa."
They nodded and ran off their seperate ways, two by two.
"Come, my Lord," Archiver took my hand. "Let us now ponder upon the sructure of your domain."
Now I understood - with the old Archiver and Writer dead, whatever stories that had been created were now completely erased. No one would ever know, but I was apparently the successor of Blogspot. They, of course, would still think me the first and foremost Creator. The only difference was, I wouldn't make the same mistakes as that foolish Writer had. My Blogspot shall live forever.
As I gazed down at Toby Tabbing all over with Melly in search of their opponents and Archiver explaining his grand designs for the yet-to-be-named Climax City, I thought to myself: Perhaps I'll really grow to like this.


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