Thursday, December 16, 2004

Chapter 33: "Writer"

"TELLY! MOBY!" I dashed to their sides, trying to shake them back to life. But try as hard as I could, they were dead as dead could be.
My face shook in extreme rage. "You. Fight. Me. NOW."
"Well...two out of three is not so bad, I guess. Let us cut straight to the chase."
Then from the book, that dreaded light came again. I thought it'd gone with the Archiver.
Like always, it grew so bright till my eyes hurt and when it cleared at last, my most dreaded foe stood before me.
It was Him. Him who created Blogspot.
"Look like what you always imagined?" A tall young man tipped his glasses. Somehow he was right. There was this mental image I had of him which resembled what my eyes were now seeing.
"So how shall we do this then? Four of you against me, or should I brainwash Melly as well?"
Barely before his sentence ended I was already grabbing him by the neck, pinning him to the ground. So this guy wasn't as tough as he seemed. "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Bring back my friends, or I'll make you join them."
"That shall be the only offence you will get, fool."
To my disbelief, his face suddenly expanded, sprouting tentacles from his eyes. "I have a real name, you know," rasped the hideous beast. "Call me the Writer."
"I possess no one face, one shape, one power. Back in the pitiful other world, I was always so I longed to one day step up to the other side of the wheel. And Blogspot has given me all that."
"I could turn myself a dragon, a fairy, a God! Anything my mind dreams of, my soul becomes. Whatever battles you've fought, whatever powers you've discovered, you could never defeat your Creator."
"Shut up," I held out my palm at him. "And prepare to die."
DELETE! Yes! I did it.
The beast froze for a moment and I could envision this window asking "DELETE - ARE YOU SURE? YES/ NO"
A gigantic hand smacked me in the face, shattering the window. "Sure. Do you even think for one second you can defeat me with a power I bestowed you with?"
Tab! Toby, whom I'd even forgotten was still here, appeared beside him and punched him in the left eye. As he staggered backwards, U came out of nowhere and punched him in the right eye.
I decided to try my luck once more. DELETE!

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