Monday, December 20, 2004

Chapter 35: "Sister"

How in the world did Writer transform himself into that metal colossus in the air? We seemed like mice fighting an eagle now.
"Oh, it sure is going to be a happy day today," A gun-like tube sprang out from his side. "I will do all I can to make sure you become a part of Blogspot's history."
"We need no such favours from you." I said spitefully. "Come down here so that we can continue our fight."
Boom! He shot a laser beam at me, missing on purpose.
"Let me tell you all a story. There once lived a boy who hated his life. Everyone picked on him, everyone laughed at him, everyone stayed away from him. He was just one of those people."
"He begged his sister to take him to a new place where all those nasty people would no longer be around. She laughed him off, telling him everything would be OK soon."
"It sure was not OK when he came home one day and threatened to kill himself if they did not move still. After countless persuasions, at last she relented and agreed to leave the place with him."
"A happy ending? Not quite. Much as he hated it, she got herself a boyfriend. And of course, Mr. Boyfriend would not allow her to leave. Since Mr. Boyfriend was now the centerstage of her life, she could do nothing but firmly insist to her brother that THEY WERE STAYING."
"They were staying. After all the promises made, and how he had so dearly hoped for a new life. "
"That boy, as you can most probably guess, is me."
The edge of my lips curled up a little. "Hm."
"Now most would give up all hope in my position. They would continue living through their pitiful existences, or not continue living. Simple as that."
"But I am not like the rest. If I did not have friends, I would CREATE my own friends. If this was not the life I wanted, I would CREATE another life for myself. If I was nobody in this world, I would CREATE a world where I was somebody."
"And so Blogspot came into existence."
"And so Blogspot came into existence." he repeated. "But the story does not end there. My sister found out that I was gone, leaving behind nothing but a note blaming it all on her. It broke her heart that she was to blame for what she perceived as my suicide."
So one dark Monday, before anyone else was up, she stole the keys to Dad's office block and made her way there. Up, up, she went as I watched in glee."
My mind spun in horror. Why did this story sound so hauntingly familiar?
"She said we would go somewhere new together, and I told her the same thing. Looks like I do not break my promises, do I?"

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