Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Chapter 36: "Resistance"

" your...SISTER?"
"WAS my sister."
"Then why did you Delete her for?" Melly cried out.
"I am the Writer, the Master and Creator of this world. Do not question my actions, you lowly Antagonist."
Melly's eyes burned back into him. "You might think that, but deep down I see nothing more than a lonely boy calling out for attention. Attention which your sister wouldn't give you, and therefore you now demand it from us!"
The lights on the flying hunk of metal dimmed as it gradually lowered, then landed on the ground. Was that a smile carving itself on its shiny surface?
"Funny, funny. You do somewhat remind me of my sister. DELETE."
A blue ray aimed itself straight at her chest. Melly stood there stunned, unable to bring herself to dodge it.
To my disbelief, Toby Tabbed himself in between her and the ray! What was he thinking? I shut my eyes, not bearing to watch.
One. Two. Three. One of them should probably be dead by now.
"Hey," U nudged me. "Look!"
I peeked. Telly somehow managed to cast a Freeze Frame on the ray! It trembled slightly in place, no more than a foot away from Moby.
This was my chance. I raised a hand at Writer and cast Delete myself. "DELETE - YES/NO?"
A blue ray shot out from my palm. Cool! I sprayed it all over his exterior, hoping to produce maximum damage.
"No! Focus on just one area!"
Heeding Toby's advice, I put both hands together and concentrated on a set of blinking red lights. Writer creaked and groaned as he tried to manouevre out of the way, but had trouble overcoming the Freeze Frame. Meanwhile, Toby was Tabbing his way up to the main controls, trying to disable them.
"Resistance...truly I enjoy resistance. The stronger my opponents, the stronger I must become."
At once his metal parts started dropping piece by piece, revealing a shiny core. The core turned pink like flesh, hissing and melting in the process. Wires gave way to throbbing red veins and the flashing lights shattered, leaving behind slimy darkened spots. He'd transformed himself into a giant jelly-like blob.
"Toby!" Melly cried out. "He's stuck up there!"


nEphilim said...

hmm... is it just me or is this fight scene taking a bit too long too finish??getting a bit cliched n draggy-ah...
haha... its fun to criticize other ppl...
eh, but den when finishing-ah the story?

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