Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Writer's Block

What? Another Writer's Block so soon? Hehe, can't blame me for missing you guys, can you?
So what did everyone think of that previous previous Writer's Block? You know...the special one? Was kinda proud of it, how it set things up for their final battle...ohoho, I'm getting conceited here.
Hmm...still busy, but heck, who isn't? And oh, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I killed Toby and Melly! Yes, I actually did it! Our Super Villain sure needs it for some added impact, doesn't he? Be warned, I might even kill EVERYONE if I get up on the wrong side of bed! (Now this is sad, killing imaginary characters to work off a steam.)
Was thinking of revealing some "Surprise twist" about how their pasts intertwined (e.g. Toby is actually Melly's brother/boyfriend, Melly is the one who cornered Toby in the abandoned warehouse, etc). However, I was worried it'd come across too cheesy and there wouldn't be any relevance to the story.
Yeap, let's not get ourselves distracted here...the main focus is on HE VERSUS I! I so wish my main character had a name other than "I"...and I didn't even mention anywhere that that's supposed to be his name! Gotta remember that for my next story.
Speaking of my next story, there're still no ideas yet at all, feel free to throw any names into the hat. I had an idea of doing a story about Moby/Telly's "intertwined past", but...sounds boring-ish to me. Some brilliant ideas are best left that way, I guess.
And this edition of Writer's Block has been brought to you by (PLEASE ADVERTISE HERE).

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