Monday, December 27, 2004

Chapter 39: "Powers"

One on one. All my allies now lay dead, leaving me alone to face the creator of Blogspot.
"A fiery end to a brilliant does that sound to you?"
All the buildings of Climax City spontaneously went up in flames at the snap of Writer's fingers. He really was determined to go out in a blaze of glory. The only question now was who would go out first.
"And since you want this to be truly exciting," he pointed at me. "I now bestow upon you all the powers of Blogspot."
At once scores of buttons hovered in front of my eyes. They didn't seem to be there, merely
figments of my imagination - but I could see them clearly as myself.
"DIE!" Two fireballs were hurled straight at my face.
Somehow a button caught my eye and I hit it at once. Tab! I moved away to safety, three feet from where I previously was. Cool! So this was the Tab Toby possesed.
Without warning a black streak began to encircle me. It buzzed and hissed, making my skin tingle the closer it came.
I took a closer look at the buttons. Most resembled those of a regular computer keyboard, barring some oddly shaped ones with undecipherable symbols on them. But how could I use them? Perhaps I should Tab again.
Oh no! The Tab button had sunk, preventing me from hitting it again. I had to come up with some other attack.
"You are still only but a weakling when it comes to this. Therefore, you must allow time before each attack is used again. And time, unfortunately, is running out for you."
The streak wrapped itself around me, sucking the life out of my body. "Hahahaha...nothing quite like a Cross Over, is there? See how worthless you are? Though you have all the tools, you have no means of defeating me still."
"Face it, are WEAK."
I struggled to reply but couldn't, for the streak was starting to suffocate me. I took a quick peek at the Tab button, but still it was halfway sunk. However, that meant it was halfway risen.
"Let me see...shall I finish you off now? That would be a pretty much spectacular finale, would it not? In a titanic duel till the end, Writer finally destroys his greatest foe yet. Thank you for having stayed tuned."
"Not yet," I gritted my teeth. "You're...still far...from victory..."
"True, true. Perhaps I should make you suffer more first. This still seems a little too abrupt for me."
He raised his hand, and to my horror I caught him mouthing the word "DELETE".

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