Thursday, December 16, 2004

Chapter 34: "Plot"

A tentacle reached out to hoist me off the ground. Once again, my concentration faltered.
"Get him, guys!" Suddenly I heard Melly's voice. Freeze Frame on the Writer himself? Would it work?
Not totally, but still it did. "Urrrrrghhh..." he struggled hard to wrap another tentacle around her.
Fearing for her life, she quickly released the Freeze Frame and tried to escape. Wrong move. Writer's tentacles extended surprisingly long and caught hold of her as well.
"Melly!" Toby Tabbed to her side and tried to free her. Thwack! Another slimy tentacle curled itself round his waist.
"Oh no, you don't!" He Tabbed further away, but another tentacle instantly caught him the moment he reappeared. Try as he could, he couldn't Tab free this time.
"Now...there was one more, I remember. He looked exactly like you."
Two new tentacles poked themselves through his forehead and he scoured the area for U in an antennae-like fashion.
"Nobody has ever managed to see you when you Cut yourself, true? Make that nobody but me."
A tentacle shot out in space, grabbing what appeared to be thin air. Slowly, U appeared in his grasp.
"I gave you Cut. Never use what I have given you against me."
"As you say, then," U grinned broadly. "Undo!"
All of a sudden we were all back standing on the ground while Writer held nothing in his tentacles. "What the...I never gave you Undo!"
"I learn quick, O Mighty Creator."
"Two can play this game then." He magically grew an arm and snapped his fingers. "Let us once more come before the light that struck so much fear in your hearts."
I spotted the flickering glint far, far away. "Give it up, Writer. It can no longer control our minds like what Archiver used to do."
"Who said I need that to control the shallow ponds you call your minds? Behold my masterfully crafted Plot Device. At times when a storyline seems having trouble breaking new ground..."
Bigger. Bigger. As always, the light started taking more space.
"At times when I feel my children need a push in the right direction to get them where I want..."
Any time now, we would be overwhelmed by it.
"The Light From Afar never fails to sustain interest in any plot! NEVER!"
White. Everything disappeared from my sight save a blinding white light. However, this time it cleared very much faster. I squinted my eyes, trying to find where Writer was.
"Up here." A metallic structure with blinking lights hovered above us.

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