Friday, December 24, 2004

Christer's Block

Heh, I know it's lame, but oh well, it's CHRISTMAS (Eve) people!
Dunno why, but for some yet-to-be-identified reason this Christmas seems to be extra special...perhaps due to the many "spektakular" events of this past year, or the "sensesional" ways I'm blessed with people this year.
Oh my, two paragraphs in and I haven't even begun talking about my story yet. Have I grown laidback in my writing lately? I somehow get this impression, not sure what you guys think. Perhaps it has to do with several of the following factors:
a) I know I shouldn't be whining, but...not much feedback these days.
b) The story might have dragged on for too long to sustain interest.
c) The climax was probably a letdown by my expectations.
d) End-of-the-yearitis, symptoms include LEH-ZEE-NESS.

But hey, it's CHRISTMAS! Let's not get worked up over petty issues like that. If you ask me, I do in a way think the climax still has some way to go before being what I hoped for and promised. A half-hearted thanks to Zhi Yong (Penunggu) for reminding me that this fight scene HAS gone on for pretty long with no real impact. Let the torture end, I say! SOMEONE MUST DIE! AND IF YOU THINK THE GOOD GUYS ARE GONNA WIN, YOU'RE...
Hmm...that's one thing which has been crossing my mind lately. Ending the fight scene shouldn't be difficult, I'm in fact already seeking the best chance to do so. But ending the story, I'm not so sure. I mean, it's an age-old dilemma (dillema? How do you spell this word anyway?) ever since Disney family-oriented movies were produced. Good guys win, and it's boring. Bad guys win, and it's anti-climatic. Guess you can't have your eat and cake it too. ;^)
But hey, speaking of cake, there's more to Christmas than turkey! Have a blessed Christmas everyone who reads this! (And I truly mean it!)
Joy to the world! =D

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