Friday, December 10, 2004

Writer's Block

Wow, it sre feeels weidr tyipng ona keybord agian...pardon the speeling erorrs...
Anyway, really good to be back again, the National Youth (Baptist, forgot to mention that) Camp. It was great with a capital G, R, E, and T, not sure what happened to the A. ;^)
JESUS ROCKS! Just couldn't help saying that, but He really does!
Next on the agenda...sorry.
Sorry for leaving on such short notice: like I said, I didn't really have time to notify till the last minute when my Mom was pestering to get ready to go to church.
Sorry for not "sneaking in a few chapters now and then", that was pretty much a naive thought; Internet at a camp? Yeah, rrrrrite...
Sorry that this grand finale has been dragging on for sooooo long...just didn't want to rush it in fear of spoiling it like burnt soup. But should all go well, I'm going back to one post a day now and a new story will begin before this year is seen out, I...uh, pro-miss.
On with the show, dudes and dudettes! =^)

(Note: In case you didn't notice, Episode 30 is up - BEFORE this post. That's because I started writing it at an earlier date and saved it as a draft instead)

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