Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Chapter 40: "Help"

I watched helplessly as he put both hands together, pulled them apart, and form a tingling blue ray. That darned Tab button was still not fully risen yet, eliminating my last means of escape.
Zap! The ray sunk itself into me.
I closed my eyes as my entire body grew numb. It didn't hurt as much as I'd feared. Had I been Deleted?
Then as suddenly as it came, the ray stopped. And that was when this burning, stabbing pain engulfed my body. Tears rolled out of my eyes, but yet I couldn't scream.
"Aww...somebody does not like being partially Deleted."
"Curse you," I inched my way to Melly's fallen body, trying to shake away the unbearable pain. "As long as I'm still alive you haven't won yet."
Writer grinned widely and burst out laughing. "Someday, many years from this day, they will still be browsing through the archives of Blogspot and read about how gallantly you fought. Only then shall you live on in history forever, no?"
"Nothing lasts forever. Nothing but stories, the words that tell others how we lived. Sure you could defeat me and put an end to Blogspot now, but that would mean both of us shall be forgotten the moment we die. Surrender to me now, and we shall live forever in immortality."
His words struck a chord in my head. I had already fought so long and hard against him with nothing to show but five dead friends. Why bother anymore? I had no possible way of defeating this evil genius.
After all, his Blogspot was already in tatters, and it would take a long while more for it to be rebuilt. Perhaps by then things would be different.
Things would be different.
Things would be different.
"No," a soft voice echoed beside me. I turned around in shock to see Melly shuffling her body, trying to get up. "The only way...is to kill him..."
"Melly! I thought you were Deleted!"
"Oops, looks like I forgot to permanently Delete you. My, my, how careless of me."
How I wished I could have done something to save her from an inevitable second death. But I could not.
"Press F1 for Help." were her final words.
There was no time to grieve now, I still had a villain to dispose of. And quite possibly, Melly had given me the solution how.
I scoured the buttons floating in front of me and sure enough, there was an F1 at the top left. A light push produced this shimmering light which hurt my eyes. Then for some strange reason, my knees gave way.
"Feeling weak again?"
The previously jumbled up buttons suddenly swirled round, forming organised patterns. Tiny descriptions flashed beside each formation.
"FREEZE FRAME - Alternate + F4. Prevents target from moving until deactivated."
"COPY/ PASTE - Control + C/ Control + V. Creates an exact duplicate of user."
"CUT - Control + X. Removes user from sight. To reappear, use Paste."
I read on it both awe and glee. Now I stood a chance against him.

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