Thursday, December 30, 2004

Writer's Block

At the risk of sounding like Writer, it has been a long time since this story began, has it not? Let us end it at once.
Lol...but seriously, I mean it. A new year's coming, and a new year should mean new story, new template, new reactions (hopefully)! Yeap, I for once am proud to say that I'm sticking to my promise of ending this story by 2004!
On a side note, this is going to be a very weird new year...the tidal wave disaster means all "big" new year celebrations (Bukit Bintang fireworks, concerts, etc) have been cancelled and replaced with prayers. While my first reflex was "What?! Are they crazy?", a few settled-down moments have made me realise that it would be just plain selfish to party on while hundreds around the nation mourn. So ppl, do have a Happy New Year and all, but spare some time to pray for the families of victims that peace shall be upon them.
Erm...actually I do have more to say, but let's leave that for the final Writer's Block of 2004. It's called MARKETING, people. Heh.
And please...leave some comments...words...thoughts...anything...tell me my story sucks...that I'm boring...anything! Anything but this:

Get the message? Have a New Year's Eve that'll live on forever in your memories! =^)

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