Thursday, December 30, 2004

Chapter 42: "Finale"

The dreaded blue ray shot out of his hands directly at me. Instinctively I raised my hands to cover, Writer's words flashing back in my mind.
"You have no more powers left." True. His Scroll Lock had effectively disabled most of my buttons.
"You now have no more possible allies." True as well. Toby, Melly, Moby, Telly, and U had all been permanently Deleted.
Would this be how it end? Would the finale of this story forever read that I had lost to Writer?
Suddenly a button embedded in my palm started flashing. Delete! It was the one power that had been given to me naturally, therefore it could still be used despite the Scroll Lock! I wasted no time tapping it furiously.
A blue ray shot out of my own palm, meeting that of Writer's. The two rays pushed at each other, each trying to overcome the other.
"Once more you defy me. But when all is said and done, you shall always remember that the Creation can never surpass the Creator."
The veins in his neck strained so hard they seemed almost about to burst as he grew another few feet taller. I forced every ounce of strength into my hands, hoping to overpower him in whatever way I could.
But it was an uphill battle, one which I was losing fast. His ray burned with an almost demonic intensity, as though he had this absolute resolve that the battle had to be won with this one attack. What could I do to escape this fate? Already his Delete ray was starting to push mine back.
Nobody. There was absolutely nobody. Unlike all those previous brushes with death, i was completely alone this time around. "So many have given their lives to me so that I can defeat you! I MUST WIN! MUST! MUST! MUST! MUST!"
"What do you know about giving? Do you know just how much, how unimaginably much I have given to my Blogspot? Your battle is not even half as important as mine. And victory has no choice but to favour me."
With a deafening roar his blood-red eyes bulged even larger. Surely his Delete ray was now no more than six feet away from me. I struggled hard just to keep my footing.
Four feet. No! He was just too strong. Already my entire body was quivering, every nerve begging for mercy. I took long, deep breaths, concentrating my energy harder than I ever had.
"Yesss...yesss...time to make way for a new story, my child."
I scanned the array of buttons. Only the supplementary buttons like Shift, Control, and Alternate remained. These only worked with other buttons, and those were the ones Writer had Scroll Locked.
Perhaps not! An idea formed within my mind.
A cold shiver ran down my spine when I found out that the ray was a mere two feet away now. Only one last chance for me now. I had to experiment to see whether the supplementary buttons could work with Delete. Either that or I was dead.
Control and Delete yielded nothing.
So did Alternate and Delete.
Shift and Delete. Nothing.
One more foot and that was it. Maybe a combination would work, I pressed Control...
The ray was so close I could almost feel it with my bare skin!
"DELETE!" To my amazement layers of deep purple and red appeared from my palms and encircled my ray, strengthening it so much it ripped through Writer's ray all the way to himself.
His disbelieving eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as the Control + Alternate + Delete ray went through him like a laser beam. He let loose a ear-piercing howl, collapsing into a heap. All at once the mighty demon that stood before me was reduced to a snivelling boy in glasses, bleeding profusely from the mouth.
"I...I...have lost."
"Indeed you have," I said. "Go home, boy. Go home, and forget that Blogspot ever existed."
He whimpered, not willing to accept that his chance at victory had slipped away. "The story...must be completed...only by me..."
"Let me take over," I gazed at the window which appeared. "END TASK."
His body slowly changed to the colour of his surroundings, blending him in. "Heh heh heh heh heh. This story crowns you its victor, but I will get my second chance. For as long as stories exist and people read them, I live on! Maybe not today, but the day shall come when my masterpiece unfolds! Farewell, my Blogspot! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
Just as suddenly as he'd brought me into this world, so vanished the one who had created it with all his heart and soul. At the same instant Climax City stopped burning and disappeared from sight as well. I was left in a blank white void.

Writer's Block

At the risk of sounding like Writer, it has been a long time since this story began, has it not? Let us end it at once.
Lol...but seriously, I mean it. A new year's coming, and a new year should mean new story, new template, new reactions (hopefully)! Yeap, I for once am proud to say that I'm sticking to my promise of ending this story by 2004!
On a side note, this is going to be a very weird new year...the tidal wave disaster means all "big" new year celebrations (Bukit Bintang fireworks, concerts, etc) have been cancelled and replaced with prayers. While my first reflex was "What?! Are they crazy?", a few settled-down moments have made me realise that it would be just plain selfish to party on while hundreds around the nation mourn. So ppl, do have a Happy New Year and all, but spare some time to pray for the families of victims that peace shall be upon them.
Erm...actually I do have more to say, but let's leave that for the final Writer's Block of 2004. It's called MARKETING, people. Heh.
And please...leave some comments...words...thoughts...anything...tell me my story sucks...that I'm boring...anything! Anything but this:

Get the message? Have a New Year's Eve that'll live on forever in your memories! =^)

Chapter 41: "Locked"

A bony hand reached out at my throat, making me choke.
"And here it comes now," he whispered hoarsely. "The end."
Tab! I hit the button a split second before his Delete ray could connect. A mixture of frustration and surprise on his face, Writer turned round and said that dreaded word again.
Uh-oh. I couldn't Tab again so quickly. Only one option left, Alternate and...
It worked! The ray stopped midway.
"Freeze Frame? Interesting. Now we truly have a battle on our hands."
"Bring it on," Beads of sweat started forming on my brow as I tried to control the Freeze Frame.
"Smart you might be," he swept aside my Freeze Frame as though it was a pesky fly. "But still your powers are controlling you."
No time to waste on needless banter, I proceeded to the next power: Control and C, followed by Control and V - Copy/Paste!
Unfortunately, after the first duplication the C and V buttons had sunk. Unlike Telly, I could only Copy one of myself at a time.
All the same, surely he couldn't take on two people at the same time. We both charged forward, one from the left and one from the right.
"Wrong move!" He caught a fist with each hand and Caps Locked, twisting our arms. "Let me show you how it's done!"
My eyes grew wide in horror as he lifted us twelve feet above the ground, preparing to feed us to the flames. I glanced around wildly at the array of buttons before me, desperately searching for one that could save me.
"In case you are thinking of using some powers to counter, save it," he roared. "Forget that you ever had any - Scroll Lock!"
Scroll Lock? What did that do? I peered at the buttons and gasped out loud. Almost all of them had sunk down! I tried pressing frantically, but to no avail. All my new-found powers could no longer be used! This didn't look good.
"It has been a good 41 Chapters...time to move on!"
My heart almost stopped beating. I had never felt so close to death before ever. What would happen to me if I died in this story world? Would I be able to come back to live in the real world?
I didn't have time to entertain those thoughts, for we were already being flung straight into a raging inferno. I took one last look at my buttons. Still sunken. Death!
But just moments before the flames could reach me, a body broke my fall and pushed me forcefully out of the way. My back thumped hard onto the ground, so hard I feared something might be broken. Who could possibly have rescued me again?
It was my Copy. Of course! Writer had just Scroll Locked me, but not him. Inches away from the fire, my Copy had Tabbed to where I was and pushed me out of harm's way.
"Farewell, Courageous One." I saluted him as he perished in the flames.
"You would've done the same for me," he appeared to say. "Fight."
"NO!" Writer's face grew distorted. "You cannot keep narrowly escaping Death like that! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!"
"Maybe so," I tried to heave myself up. "But nothing is impossible in a story like this."
His twisted face grew even redder. "Impossible yes, illogical no. You now have no more powers left and no more possible allies. I, on the other hand, can make myself as strong as I wish. There is no way, ABSOLUTELY NO WAY in the name of the Writer and the Creator that you can not die and let this story end with my next attack."
I swallowed hard, fists raised.
"Chapter 42," he brought up his hand. "IS the final Chapter. DELETE!"

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Chapter 40: "Help"

I watched helplessly as he put both hands together, pulled them apart, and form a tingling blue ray. That darned Tab button was still not fully risen yet, eliminating my last means of escape.
Zap! The ray sunk itself into me.
I closed my eyes as my entire body grew numb. It didn't hurt as much as I'd feared. Had I been Deleted?
Then as suddenly as it came, the ray stopped. And that was when this burning, stabbing pain engulfed my body. Tears rolled out of my eyes, but yet I couldn't scream.
"Aww...somebody does not like being partially Deleted."
"Curse you," I inched my way to Melly's fallen body, trying to shake away the unbearable pain. "As long as I'm still alive you haven't won yet."
Writer grinned widely and burst out laughing. "Someday, many years from this day, they will still be browsing through the archives of Blogspot and read about how gallantly you fought. Only then shall you live on in history forever, no?"
"Nothing lasts forever. Nothing but stories, the words that tell others how we lived. Sure you could defeat me and put an end to Blogspot now, but that would mean both of us shall be forgotten the moment we die. Surrender to me now, and we shall live forever in immortality."
His words struck a chord in my head. I had already fought so long and hard against him with nothing to show but five dead friends. Why bother anymore? I had no possible way of defeating this evil genius.
After all, his Blogspot was already in tatters, and it would take a long while more for it to be rebuilt. Perhaps by then things would be different.
Things would be different.
Things would be different.
"No," a soft voice echoed beside me. I turned around in shock to see Melly shuffling her body, trying to get up. "The only to kill him..."
"Melly! I thought you were Deleted!"
"Oops, looks like I forgot to permanently Delete you. My, my, how careless of me."
How I wished I could have done something to save her from an inevitable second death. But I could not.
"Press F1 for Help." were her final words.
There was no time to grieve now, I still had a villain to dispose of. And quite possibly, Melly had given me the solution how.
I scoured the buttons floating in front of me and sure enough, there was an F1 at the top left. A light push produced this shimmering light which hurt my eyes. Then for some strange reason, my knees gave way.
"Feeling weak again?"
The previously jumbled up buttons suddenly swirled round, forming organised patterns. Tiny descriptions flashed beside each formation.
"FREEZE FRAME - Alternate + F4. Prevents target from moving until deactivated."
"COPY/ PASTE - Control + C/ Control + V. Creates an exact duplicate of user."
"CUT - Control + X. Removes user from sight. To reappear, use Paste."
I read on it both awe and glee. Now I stood a chance against him.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Chapter 39: "Powers"

One on one. All my allies now lay dead, leaving me alone to face the creator of Blogspot.
"A fiery end to a brilliant does that sound to you?"
All the buildings of Climax City spontaneously went up in flames at the snap of Writer's fingers. He really was determined to go out in a blaze of glory. The only question now was who would go out first.
"And since you want this to be truly exciting," he pointed at me. "I now bestow upon you all the powers of Blogspot."
At once scores of buttons hovered in front of my eyes. They didn't seem to be there, merely
figments of my imagination - but I could see them clearly as myself.
"DIE!" Two fireballs were hurled straight at my face.
Somehow a button caught my eye and I hit it at once. Tab! I moved away to safety, three feet from where I previously was. Cool! So this was the Tab Toby possesed.
Without warning a black streak began to encircle me. It buzzed and hissed, making my skin tingle the closer it came.
I took a closer look at the buttons. Most resembled those of a regular computer keyboard, barring some oddly shaped ones with undecipherable symbols on them. But how could I use them? Perhaps I should Tab again.
Oh no! The Tab button had sunk, preventing me from hitting it again. I had to come up with some other attack.
"You are still only but a weakling when it comes to this. Therefore, you must allow time before each attack is used again. And time, unfortunately, is running out for you."
The streak wrapped itself around me, sucking the life out of my body. "Hahahaha...nothing quite like a Cross Over, is there? See how worthless you are? Though you have all the tools, you have no means of defeating me still."
"Face it, are WEAK."
I struggled to reply but couldn't, for the streak was starting to suffocate me. I took a quick peek at the Tab button, but still it was halfway sunk. However, that meant it was halfway risen.
"Let me see...shall I finish you off now? That would be a pretty much spectacular finale, would it not? In a titanic duel till the end, Writer finally destroys his greatest foe yet. Thank you for having stayed tuned."
"Not yet," I gritted my teeth. "You're...still far...from victory..."
"True, true. Perhaps I should make you suffer more first. This still seems a little too abrupt for me."
He raised his hand, and to my horror I caught him mouthing the word "DELETE".

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Chapter 38: "Storytelling"

"Hush now, this is the moment I have always dreamt of. At long last...the greatest story ever told."
"No," I shook my head. "No. You're wrong."
"I see through you. You're afraid."
"Afraid?" he threw back his head and laughed. "Me, afraid? What do I HAVE to be afraid of?"
"You've already sacrificed virtually all of Blogspot just for this one battle. Therefore, it must be truly spectacular, something no one would ever forget."
"But it hasn't turned out that way, has it? All you've got are three senselessly dead characters and a cliched ending looming."
Writer remained silent.
"Let me teach you a thing or two about storytelling. Firstly, you don't kill off characters just to make things interesting - it limits your scope and wastes potential chances for further character development."
"Next, stop using ridiculously predictable lines every chance you get. Repeating the same point countless times pretty much insults the reader's intelligence. Some things are much better if they're left in uncertain "grey areas" for the reader to decipher with his or her own imagination."
"And no matter what you say, the fighting was simply a rehash of old tired scenes we've all seen before. There was no flow, no direction, no innovation in ANYTHING."
For what seemed like an eternity, nobody spoke.
"Heh heh heh heh heh." Writer started cackling. "Heh heh heh heh heh."
The pile of goo that was him turned colourless and fizzed out, leaving behind a stinking cloud of gasses. "You have insulted me for the last time, fool." A reddish demon with horns emerged. "NEVER! EVER! TEACH! ME! HOW! TO! TELL! A! STORY!"
"Tch, tch, a red demon with horns? What, you're going to start shooting flames next?"
"You aksed for it."
A wall of fire sprang from the ground, surrounding Toby, Melly and me. "Pay no attention to the flames, they're for grandeur. He won't dare hurt us with them."
Pow! A hot fist shot out of the fire and landed squarely on my jaw.
"Is this not entertaining enough? HUH?" Writer jumped out straight at me.
Fortunately I managed to get a hand up to lessen the impact. Nonetheless, it still hurt and I had to roll aside to allow the pain time to subside.
But he wasn't going to let me get away that easily. As I crawled away, he grabbed my foot and was about to stomp on it when Toby Tabbed behind him!
"Melly! Freeze Frame!" Toby yelled as he grabbed hold of Writer.
"Can you not see this is personal?" Writer rasped. "DELETE. DELETE."
I winced as Toby and Melly dropped dead simultaneously.
"Now," he glared at me with those cold black eyes. "Let us settle this one on one."

Friday, December 24, 2004

Christer's Block

Heh, I know it's lame, but oh well, it's CHRISTMAS (Eve) people!
Dunno why, but for some yet-to-be-identified reason this Christmas seems to be extra special...perhaps due to the many "spektakular" events of this past year, or the "sensesional" ways I'm blessed with people this year.
Oh my, two paragraphs in and I haven't even begun talking about my story yet. Have I grown laidback in my writing lately? I somehow get this impression, not sure what you guys think. Perhaps it has to do with several of the following factors:
a) I know I shouldn't be whining, but...not much feedback these days.
b) The story might have dragged on for too long to sustain interest.
c) The climax was probably a letdown by my expectations.
d) End-of-the-yearitis, symptoms include LEH-ZEE-NESS.

But hey, it's CHRISTMAS! Let's not get worked up over petty issues like that. If you ask me, I do in a way think the climax still has some way to go before being what I hoped for and promised. A half-hearted thanks to Zhi Yong (Penunggu) for reminding me that this fight scene HAS gone on for pretty long with no real impact. Let the torture end, I say! SOMEONE MUST DIE! AND IF YOU THINK THE GOOD GUYS ARE GONNA WIN, YOU'RE...
Hmm...that's one thing which has been crossing my mind lately. Ending the fight scene shouldn't be difficult, I'm in fact already seeking the best chance to do so. But ending the story, I'm not so sure. I mean, it's an age-old dilemma (dillema? How do you spell this word anyway?) ever since Disney family-oriented movies were produced. Good guys win, and it's boring. Bad guys win, and it's anti-climatic. Guess you can't have your eat and cake it too. ;^)
But hey, speaking of cake, there's more to Christmas than turkey! Have a blessed Christmas everyone who reads this! (And I truly mean it!)
Joy to the world! =D

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Chapter 37: "Climaxing"

Indeed, Toby was trying desperately to Tab himself out of the goo trapping him.
"Just hang in there!" U shouted. "Undo!"
But it didn't work this time. Instead, some parts of Writer began to harden into metal. "You must take me for some sort of fool, falling for that again."
The blob rolled towards us, sucking Toby further in in the process.
"Toby! Tab out, before he devours you!"
"Can't you see that's what I'm doing?" yelled him anxiously. "He's somehow managed to disable my powers!"
Melly raised her hands to attempt a Freeze Frame, but for some reason couldn't move herself.
"Freeze Frame? I INVENTED Freeze Frame."
Incredible. Writer had actually turned Melly's powers against herself!
"U!" I called out. "Try Undoing repeatedly!"
"Undo!" he tried once. "Undo!"
Still there didn't seem to be much difference.
"More! More!"
"Undo! Undo! Undo! Undo!"
Bit by bit, Writer's grip on Toby loosened.
"Come on, U! Just a bit more!"
I looked up, and Tab! Toby stumbled onto the ground. However, Writer still retained his part metallic, part organic form.
Sweating profusely from the brow, U Cut himself without skipping a beat. Like a panther he sneaked up behind Writer, but it was fruitless. He reappeared forcefully, frozen in place.
"U...supposedly the one who would fight Blogspot's greatest battle as I had planned. I gave you life, but you let me down by taking up arms against me. And for that, there can only be one outcome...DELETE."
The blue ray. Before Melly could even conjure up a Freeze Frame, U fell.
Dead he lay on the ground. My Antagonist.
"Oohh...see how he cries, our little hero here. Weep not for that sorry soul, for already he knew he was destined to have his life ended when the story called for such."
"You've claimed three lives here today."
" sure stings, does it not? But dare you deny that it compels you to fight even harder, no? And thus, allowing our masterpiece to be born in this very spot."
Deep down, I was seething but I had to try my best and hide it. One thing was for certain - the longer this battle dragged on, the more lives he would take, eventually climaxing with mine.

Chapter 36: "Resistance"

" your...SISTER?"
"WAS my sister."
"Then why did you Delete her for?" Melly cried out.
"I am the Writer, the Master and Creator of this world. Do not question my actions, you lowly Antagonist."
Melly's eyes burned back into him. "You might think that, but deep down I see nothing more than a lonely boy calling out for attention. Attention which your sister wouldn't give you, and therefore you now demand it from us!"
The lights on the flying hunk of metal dimmed as it gradually lowered, then landed on the ground. Was that a smile carving itself on its shiny surface?
"Funny, funny. You do somewhat remind me of my sister. DELETE."
A blue ray aimed itself straight at her chest. Melly stood there stunned, unable to bring herself to dodge it.
To my disbelief, Toby Tabbed himself in between her and the ray! What was he thinking? I shut my eyes, not bearing to watch.
One. Two. Three. One of them should probably be dead by now.
"Hey," U nudged me. "Look!"
I peeked. Telly somehow managed to cast a Freeze Frame on the ray! It trembled slightly in place, no more than a foot away from Moby.
This was my chance. I raised a hand at Writer and cast Delete myself. "DELETE - YES/NO?"
A blue ray shot out from my palm. Cool! I sprayed it all over his exterior, hoping to produce maximum damage.
"No! Focus on just one area!"
Heeding Toby's advice, I put both hands together and concentrated on a set of blinking red lights. Writer creaked and groaned as he tried to manouevre out of the way, but had trouble overcoming the Freeze Frame. Meanwhile, Toby was Tabbing his way up to the main controls, trying to disable them.
"Resistance...truly I enjoy resistance. The stronger my opponents, the stronger I must become."
At once his metal parts started dropping piece by piece, revealing a shiny core. The core turned pink like flesh, hissing and melting in the process. Wires gave way to throbbing red veins and the flashing lights shattered, leaving behind slimy darkened spots. He'd transformed himself into a giant jelly-like blob.
"Toby!" Melly cried out. "He's stuck up there!"

Monday, December 20, 2004

Chapter 35: "Sister"

How in the world did Writer transform himself into that metal colossus in the air? We seemed like mice fighting an eagle now.
"Oh, it sure is going to be a happy day today," A gun-like tube sprang out from his side. "I will do all I can to make sure you become a part of Blogspot's history."
"We need no such favours from you." I said spitefully. "Come down here so that we can continue our fight."
Boom! He shot a laser beam at me, missing on purpose.
"Let me tell you all a story. There once lived a boy who hated his life. Everyone picked on him, everyone laughed at him, everyone stayed away from him. He was just one of those people."
"He begged his sister to take him to a new place where all those nasty people would no longer be around. She laughed him off, telling him everything would be OK soon."
"It sure was not OK when he came home one day and threatened to kill himself if they did not move still. After countless persuasions, at last she relented and agreed to leave the place with him."
"A happy ending? Not quite. Much as he hated it, she got herself a boyfriend. And of course, Mr. Boyfriend would not allow her to leave. Since Mr. Boyfriend was now the centerstage of her life, she could do nothing but firmly insist to her brother that THEY WERE STAYING."
"They were staying. After all the promises made, and how he had so dearly hoped for a new life. "
"That boy, as you can most probably guess, is me."
The edge of my lips curled up a little. "Hm."
"Now most would give up all hope in my position. They would continue living through their pitiful existences, or not continue living. Simple as that."
"But I am not like the rest. If I did not have friends, I would CREATE my own friends. If this was not the life I wanted, I would CREATE another life for myself. If I was nobody in this world, I would CREATE a world where I was somebody."
"And so Blogspot came into existence."
"And so Blogspot came into existence." he repeated. "But the story does not end there. My sister found out that I was gone, leaving behind nothing but a note blaming it all on her. It broke her heart that she was to blame for what she perceived as my suicide."
So one dark Monday, before anyone else was up, she stole the keys to Dad's office block and made her way there. Up, up, she went as I watched in glee."
My mind spun in horror. Why did this story sound so hauntingly familiar?
"She said we would go somewhere new together, and I told her the same thing. Looks like I do not break my promises, do I?"

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Chapter 34: "Plot"

A tentacle reached out to hoist me off the ground. Once again, my concentration faltered.
"Get him, guys!" Suddenly I heard Melly's voice. Freeze Frame on the Writer himself? Would it work?
Not totally, but still it did. "Urrrrrghhh..." he struggled hard to wrap another tentacle around her.
Fearing for her life, she quickly released the Freeze Frame and tried to escape. Wrong move. Writer's tentacles extended surprisingly long and caught hold of her as well.
"Melly!" Toby Tabbed to her side and tried to free her. Thwack! Another slimy tentacle curled itself round his waist.
"Oh no, you don't!" He Tabbed further away, but another tentacle instantly caught him the moment he reappeared. Try as he could, he couldn't Tab free this time.
"Now...there was one more, I remember. He looked exactly like you."
Two new tentacles poked themselves through his forehead and he scoured the area for U in an antennae-like fashion.
"Nobody has ever managed to see you when you Cut yourself, true? Make that nobody but me."
A tentacle shot out in space, grabbing what appeared to be thin air. Slowly, U appeared in his grasp.
"I gave you Cut. Never use what I have given you against me."
"As you say, then," U grinned broadly. "Undo!"
All of a sudden we were all back standing on the ground while Writer held nothing in his tentacles. "What the...I never gave you Undo!"
"I learn quick, O Mighty Creator."
"Two can play this game then." He magically grew an arm and snapped his fingers. "Let us once more come before the light that struck so much fear in your hearts."
I spotted the flickering glint far, far away. "Give it up, Writer. It can no longer control our minds like what Archiver used to do."
"Who said I need that to control the shallow ponds you call your minds? Behold my masterfully crafted Plot Device. At times when a storyline seems having trouble breaking new ground..."
Bigger. Bigger. As always, the light started taking more space.
"At times when I feel my children need a push in the right direction to get them where I want..."
Any time now, we would be overwhelmed by it.
"The Light From Afar never fails to sustain interest in any plot! NEVER!"
White. Everything disappeared from my sight save a blinding white light. However, this time it cleared very much faster. I squinted my eyes, trying to find where Writer was.
"Up here." A metallic structure with blinking lights hovered above us.

Chapter 33: "Writer"

"TELLY! MOBY!" I dashed to their sides, trying to shake them back to life. But try as hard as I could, they were dead as dead could be.
My face shook in extreme rage. "You. Fight. Me. NOW."
"Well...two out of three is not so bad, I guess. Let us cut straight to the chase."
Then from the book, that dreaded light came again. I thought it'd gone with the Archiver.
Like always, it grew so bright till my eyes hurt and when it cleared at last, my most dreaded foe stood before me.
It was Him. Him who created Blogspot.
"Look like what you always imagined?" A tall young man tipped his glasses. Somehow he was right. There was this mental image I had of him which resembled what my eyes were now seeing.
"So how shall we do this then? Four of you against me, or should I brainwash Melly as well?"
Barely before his sentence ended I was already grabbing him by the neck, pinning him to the ground. So this guy wasn't as tough as he seemed. "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Bring back my friends, or I'll make you join them."
"That shall be the only offence you will get, fool."
To my disbelief, his face suddenly expanded, sprouting tentacles from his eyes. "I have a real name, you know," rasped the hideous beast. "Call me the Writer."
"I possess no one face, one shape, one power. Back in the pitiful other world, I was always so I longed to one day step up to the other side of the wheel. And Blogspot has given me all that."
"I could turn myself a dragon, a fairy, a God! Anything my mind dreams of, my soul becomes. Whatever battles you've fought, whatever powers you've discovered, you could never defeat your Creator."
"Shut up," I held out my palm at him. "And prepare to die."
DELETE! Yes! I did it.
The beast froze for a moment and I could envision this window asking "DELETE - ARE YOU SURE? YES/ NO"
A gigantic hand smacked me in the face, shattering the window. "Sure. Do you even think for one second you can defeat me with a power I bestowed you with?"
Tab! Toby, whom I'd even forgotten was still here, appeared beside him and punched him in the left eye. As he staggered backwards, U came out of nowhere and punched him in the right eye.
I decided to try my luck once more. DELETE!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Writer's Block

What? Another Writer's Block so soon? Hehe, can't blame me for missing you guys, can you?
So what did everyone think of that previous previous Writer's Block? You know...the special one? Was kinda proud of it, how it set things up for their final battle...ohoho, I'm getting conceited here.
Hmm...still busy, but heck, who isn't? And oh, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I killed Toby and Melly! Yes, I actually did it! Our Super Villain sure needs it for some added impact, doesn't he? Be warned, I might even kill EVERYONE if I get up on the wrong side of bed! (Now this is sad, killing imaginary characters to work off a steam.)
Was thinking of revealing some "Surprise twist" about how their pasts intertwined (e.g. Toby is actually Melly's brother/boyfriend, Melly is the one who cornered Toby in the abandoned warehouse, etc). However, I was worried it'd come across too cheesy and there wouldn't be any relevance to the story.
Yeap, let's not get ourselves distracted here...the main focus is on HE VERSUS I! I so wish my main character had a name other than "I"...and I didn't even mention anywhere that that's supposed to be his name! Gotta remember that for my next story.
Speaking of my next story, there're still no ideas yet at all, feel free to throw any names into the hat. I had an idea of doing a story about Moby/Telly's "intertwined past", but...sounds boring-ish to me. Some brilliant ideas are best left that way, I guess.
And this edition of Writer's Block has been brought to you by (PLEASE ADVERTISE HERE).

Chapter 32: "Delete"

I watched helplessly as He made Telly float in the air, terrified for her life.
"Behold, Telly. I caught her at a most desperate time of her life, when she would easily have been bent any way I wished. Alas, poor, poor Telly. She associated herself with you, and that made me hate her just as much as you. How I wish I could have wrote better stories for her, considering I saved her from committing suicide anyway."
Then up came Moby.
"Moby...trapped in that desolated warehouse, were you not? I, of course, saw potential in expanding you as a character like no other. Together with Telly you could have been so much IF you had just given yourself the chance."
Strangely enough, Melly stayed on the ground.
"Melly. A magnificent Antagonist you were, really. That battle between the four of you was truly something so incredible, it should have lived on in the history of Blogspot. If Archiver was still around, that is."
"WHAT?" Melly's jaw dropped open. "I'm an Antagonist?"
"Everyone always thinks they are not the Antagonist, my foolish child."
Tears started coming out of her eyes. "Noo...I'm not real. I belong to this world..."
There was a cold fire eating away at my heart as the face of this Him started showing itself to me. Here was a person who saw only himself and his visions in every human. He bore no qualms over taking away everything they had so that he could give it to his Blogspot. Like it or not, I had to be the one to put an end to all this.
"I'm warning you one last time - COME AND FIGHT ME! STOP USING MY FRIENDS, YOU COWARD!"
"You puny imbecile, do you not realise that I could do anything I want to you right now?"
"You always say that. But you know what I've found out? You've never lived up to your word, and guess why? It's because you've in fact lost your power over me. The moment I decided that I didn't belong to Blogspot, the ink in your pen ran dry. I make my own decisions, not you, you disgrace of a wannabe writer!"
The last line came without me even thinking about it. How would He react?
Instead of the fiery roar and thunder I expected, it was something worse. Much, much worse.
Telly fell to the ground dead.
Moby dropped, lifeless as well.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Chapter 31: "Foes"

The three of us stood in stoned silence. Either we killed the other three or left Climax City empty-handed. Both were difficult choices.
"Tough choice? Let us hear from our dear friends."
The red words hovered over Melly, Telly, and Moby before falling apart on them with a sloshy sound.
" head..." groaned Melly. "Hey, it's you Toby! And you...and you!"
She appeared dazed, unaware of what was going on. "Melly!" I called out. "How did you get here?"
"I...I...dont' know. How did you get here?"
"Hold on," interrupted Moby. "Isn't this...Climax City? What are we doing here?"
Telly gasped in shock. "CLIMAX CITY? We must leave at once!"
And then they turned red. Completely blood red, from head to toe. Their confused and desperate cries clenched my heart like a cold fist.
"Stop it!" I shook my fist at the giant book. "What are you doing to them?"
"Simple enough. I am putting them back half under my control. Now, does this not make our sticky little situation here so much more tantalising?"
"What do you want?" roared U.
"You have not been listening, have you? Kill them, and I shall come before you. Or spare their lives, and I shall kill all of you instead."
"If you think we're going to kill them, you're wrong. Dead wrong."
"Brave words for one I can sense is trembling with all his might. Observe! To make your task easier, I have given one of you a most powerful gift. Open your hands and you shall see it."
With cold sweat running down my spine I parted my fingers. A button with the word "DELETE" printed on it had mysteriously glued itself to my palm.
"DELETE. Point at intended target and click once to delete them temporarily. Click again to delete permanently. May cause dangerous effects to user."
"You...YOU'RE EVIL! You think giving me powers will make me kill my friends more readily?"
"Did not think so. You really have a mind so strong I sometimes find it hard to write. But as for these three..."
Moby, Telly and Melly fell to the ground, screaming once more before reverting back to their original colours. As they got up, I could see a different them in their eyes. Eyes which craved blood at the expense of theirs'.
"There is nothing you can do, really. It is merely a case of how many of you die, and how agonising the process is."

Friday, December 10, 2004

Writer's Block

Wow, it sre feeels weidr tyipng ona keybord agian...pardon the speeling erorrs...
Anyway, really good to be back again, the National Youth (Baptist, forgot to mention that) Camp. It was great with a capital G, R, E, and T, not sure what happened to the A. ;^)
JESUS ROCKS! Just couldn't help saying that, but He really does!
Next on the agenda...sorry.
Sorry for leaving on such short notice: like I said, I didn't really have time to notify till the last minute when my Mom was pestering to get ready to go to church.
Sorry for not "sneaking in a few chapters now and then", that was pretty much a naive thought; Internet at a camp? Yeah, rrrrrite...
Sorry that this grand finale has been dragging on for sooooo long...just didn't want to rush it in fear of spoiling it like burnt soup. But should all go well, I'm going back to one post a day now and a new story will begin before this year is seen out, I...uh, pro-miss.
On with the show, dudes and dudettes! =^)

(Note: In case you didn't notice, Episode 30 is up - BEFORE this post. That's because I started writing it at an earlier date and saved it as a draft instead)

Monday, December 06, 2004

Self-Destructive Writer's Block

And what exactly do I mean by the title? It simply means that this is just a temporary message which I'll delete later. In case you're wondering, this blog has NOT been discontinued, it's just that the past week was the final week of the semester for me, and lame as it may seem, yeah...i was busy.
It didn't help matters either that the post I typed out halfway on Saturday got lost when a blackout occurred.
Anyway, going off to a National Youth Camp today. Hopefully I'll manage to sneak in a few chapters now and then, in fact I already have one half-retyped out.
Whoops...just look at the time! Gotta go, see you for the BIG ending! =]

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Chapter 30: "Friends"

"Hey," I tapped U on the shoulder. "Are those real?"
He attempted a half-shrug when a sudden creaking noise from the book caught our attention. The pages started turning by themselves, each containing a next frame of the illustration. I watched in a mixture of amazement and fearfulness as it formed an animation of them three breaking free of the shackles, and reaching towards us!
Horrors! The never-ending pages continued flipping, and somehow the illustrations of Moby, Telly and Melly were in fact stepping out of the book! How could this in any earthly way be possible? Standing before me were three moving life-size drawings of them. And they didn't look quite friendly.
It was difficult to tell whether the Melly staggering like a zombie was real or not. How could a picture move like that? But on the other hand, how could a person get stuck on a page?
There wasn't time for me to ponder on that, for they were moving surprisingly fast considering the fact that they seemed pretty two-dimensional.
"They're evil. Fight them."
The red words appeared and disappeared in a flash, distracting me from the suddenly-enormous Moby's grip. He lifted me in the air and let loose a primal roar.
"Moby!" I yelled in terror. "Stop it! You don't want to hurt me! He's making you do it!"
My words bore no effect on the glass-eyed Moby. He proceeded to raise me above his head, and drop me fifteen feet to the ground!
"AHHHH!" A familiar pair of arms caught me just as I was about to land. Phew! Thank God for Toby and his Tab.
"U!" Toby shouted at him. "Run! What are you doing standing there?"
He didn't move, but I noticed some effort to do so on his face. "He's caught in a Freeze Frame!"
"Melly!" hollered Toby. "Release your Freeze Frame at once! Fight us no more!"
It was useless too. To make things even worse, Telly was already Copying herself.
"Destroy them all!" I gave orders. "They're mere illusions! He's trying to mess with our minds again!"
"Oh, you think so, don't you? What if I told you that they indeed are the real Moby, Telly and Melly, re-written as evil as I want them to be?"
I wasn't so sure what to do. If they were real, then they were innocent and I couldn't bring myself to fight them. But it was hard to tell how true His words were.
"Kill them. Kill your friends. Only then shall you face Me."