Thursday, January 06, 2005

Writer's Block

Heh, I hadn't planned on writing one so fast, but since I'm free today, why not?
Actually that's only the sub-reason I'm compelled to write this...the main reason being THE REASON MY WHOLE DAY JUST FLEW BY UNKNOWINGLY!! Yes, I sometimes cringe in horror at the dumb things we...okay, I use to fill up time which would have been much better spent...I dunno, helping blind people cross roads?
And without further ado, I give you:
and all the other games in:
(make sure you try out Runaway Train and The Amazing Dare-Dozen and...oh, try them ALL! Now, now, don't blame me if your life whittles away into nothingness...
Um...well, this is the part where we usually talk about the current story. All rite, all rite, I have a shameful confession to make: it's not a thought-on-the-spot story like Blogspot was. I wrote it previously, but somehow it didn't get read by many people.
Now, now, put down that piece of barb wire first. It's all about an enjoyable story isn't it, no matter where it came from (as long as its not someone's else work, obviously)? I've had my eye on giving this twisted tale the credit it deserves for a while now, and no I previously mentioned, there will be changes here and there to the original plot. The basic premise will remain the same, that's all. Of course, any suggestions are still very much welcome.
You might have noticed as well that the posts are shorter now compared to those mind-numbing final chapters of Blogspot.'s a different story, which means a different approach and all. I'll still try to end every chapter with a cliffhanger, but I won't make sure it happens. I mean, let the poor story unravel itself the way it wants. Besides that, this story will certainly end much faster than Blogspot, I'm guessing 10-15 chapters. Whee!
Oh yeah, briefly went through the entire Blogspot story today, and it gave me sort of a warm fuzzy feeling to see my baby grow up, mature, get married, have kids, and....okay, okay, I'll Corrected some spelling/ grammar mistakes and the like, not that anyone would notice anyway. ;^)
Man...I'm running out of ways to end these Writer's Block do you go about it anyway? Let me see, let me see...

P.S. Btw, Sarah thought I was 14!! Dunno whether I should laugh or cry, but I understand...20 year olds don't usually write stories, scary storytellers writing stories to store that's another reason why I seem 6 years younger.
Nice one gal! 8^D

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