Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Secret Room, 2nd Chapter

"Hey Jimmy, what do you think's inside the Secret Room?" asked Will to the boy who slept above his bunk bed one night.
"Huh? What Secret Room?"
"You know...the one Mrs. Banks warns us to keep out of all the time."
"Oh, that Secret Room. Try something new, Will. You've been asking that same question for months now."
"But, Jimmy! What could possibly Mrs. Banks and the nice ladies be trying to hide from us?Why are they so afraid that we'll sneak in?"
"Because we don't want you to get hurt." Jimmy mimicked Mrs.Banks shrill voice, making them giggle. "But hey, why are you so curious about it? I mean, I know it must seem like there's something interesting in there, but that's all! I bet it's all some overrated junk they invented just to scare us kids off."
"Well, ehh..." Will knew that he was possibly right, but something about the Secret Room just fascinated him so. The air of mystery? The forbiddance? Truth be told, he wasn't the sort who usually shook presents to figure out their contents. Same went for the Secret Room, most of the times Mrs. Banks warnings had went in one ear and out the other. It was only after he saw it when he knew that was no ordinary room.
"Will," Jimmy sat up. "You've stayed here for so many years, but yet you've never been this way about that room. Why are you so hyped up about it all of a sudden?"
The reddish tone on his ears gave away the fact that Will was hiding something. "What is it, Will? Tell me."
"Well...okay, I'll share this with you. But make sure no one else knows."

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