Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Secret Room, 6th Chapter

Jimmy bit his lip, glancing at Will. Clearly Mrs. Banks, sharp as she was, could see through them. "So," her eyes grew cold. "You directly violated the rules."
"No, Mrs. Banks," A girl's voice rang out from the top of the stairs. The petrified boys looked up to see that it was Jan. And not a moment too late.
"I left something in the toilet, you see, and was afraid to have to go all the way up myself to get it. Therefore, I asked the two of them to come along with me."
Mrs. Banks shot Will and Jimmy a dirty-cum-disbelieving look. They lifted their fingers to form "peace" signs in unison while flashing dazzling smiles.
"The toilet upstairs has been shut down since Tuesday for maintainance. I hope you realise that."
"Exactly," said Jan with all the credibility in the world. "I left it there last week, and only found out that it was missing today. I'd hoped it would still be there, but it appears we couldn't get in. Too bad for me then."
She is gooood, thought Will to himself while nodding his head to affirm Jan's account.
The half-convinced Mrs. Banks scratched her chin. "Something still smells fishy to me."
"It's true, Mrs. Banks. We would never dream of going against your orders."
"Okay, I'll take your word this time. But make no mistake about it, I will NOT have any more children up here. You three will be held accountable if I catch anyone else in future."
"Yes, Mrs. Banks." they chorused.
Silently the three trooped back down to their breakfast tables, not daring to utter a word for fear that she could hear them.
As soon as he was positive they were out of earshot, Will asked softly, "Phew! That was close! You literally saved our skins Jan! But what were you doing upstairs?"
"I was curious why you were in such a hurry to go upstairs...and who said curiousity killed the cat?"
"But, I must ask," she continued. "What were you guys doing upstairs anyway? I kind of hope it isn't what's in my mind right now."
"Well..." Jimmy twiddled with his fingers. "I guess it is what you're thinking."

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