Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Secret Room, 5th Chapter

"You don't think..."
"Will," Jimmy stared at him grimly. "You're right. There might be more to the Secret Room than meets the eye."
He stuck a finger into the dent. "Would you believe it, there're even some traces of dried blood stains."
Will frowned, then gasped. "Y-you're right! But Jimmy, what made you-"
"You know, I didn't quite at first buy what you told me last night. But on second thought, why would you make that up? So I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and came over to have a look."
Suddenly they heard noisy footsteps coming up the stairs. "I bet it's Mrs. Banks! Quick, let's get out of here!"
The two boys dropped their conversation at once and tried their best to run quickly yet silently to the other staircase at the other end. This was no easy feat, given that the footsteps were growing louder and would be catching them in the act any moment now.
"Oh, what the heck, just RUN!" Will shouted, making the two go helter-skelter. He was hoping that at least this way Mrs. Banks would just know that someone had been up here, but not know who.
Finally reaching the staircase, they clambered madly at the railings and dashed down three steps at a time. A collective sigh of relief was just about to be heaved when to their horror, she stepped out of nowhere!
"What's the hurry, boys?" Mrs. Banks glared at them suspiciously through her horn-rimmed glasses. "I hope you two weren't snooping around that room on the top floor."
"" Jimmy felt his heart sunk upon seeing Will's feeble attempt at lying.
"If I've told you once, I've told you a million times - that room is strictly off limits to all children. Now, tell me what the two of you were doing upstairs at breakfast time, or I shall have you dealt with severely."
"We were in the toilet, that's all." An instant air of seriousness followed Jimmy's words.
"Nonsense," she sneered. "The toilet on the fifth floor is shut down for maintainance. You could very well have used the first floor toilet."

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